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paxil and buspar and pregnancy


my question is to request any info you have on percentages or statistics of abnormal pregnancies, with the use of paxil and buspar during pregnancy.

my psychiatrist told me that there is no more risk taking an ssri for birth defects, than if i were taking none.

i am wondering if you can help me find information or people to talk to that have used an ssri during pregnancy, and get comments from normal and abnormal results of their born child, or children.

i am willing to speak to any other women that have used ssri's during pregnancy, and get good or bad answers, it doesn't matter.

i am currently trying to get pregnant, and it wuld be more stressful for my health to stop taking paxil and buspar for a pregnancy, so i'm told.

thank you,
marie bush
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i took paxil during my last pregnancy
there are several ssri's that arn't safe though and the dr.s usually know which ones are safe and not there put in as a,b,c,d, c and d being the safest a and b are still unknown on affects and my baby came out fine
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just a little correction, the order is A&B are safer, C is unknown and D is not recommended unless the risks outweigh the benefit. And of course X is forbidden during pregnancy. The best advice I can give is to talk to the pharmacist (they generally are much more current on this info as their entire job is to know medications)

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Here is a link to a Drugs in Pregnancy and Lactation guide online. This is the bible to to speak for meds given during these times. It helps to know the actual med name (acetaminophin instead of Tylenol, Buspirone instead of buspar, etc.) but it isn't required.

They do have Buspar as a category B and Paxil as a C, here is the specific info I cut and pasted for you:

Paroxetine (Paxil
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Here is that link to the Drugs in Pregnancy and Lacation:

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See what happens when you try to type while on percocet for a bad back : )
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ok I have a question what if you were taking Hyrdocodone 10/500 and sometimes they would give me 10/650 for my bad back and I was taking up to 5 a day because it was so bad but I then found out I was pregnant I thought I would never get pregnant and it just happened one day 25 weeks ago but my question is I stopped taking them until I started to feel pain really bad so I have taken one 7.5 mg a day for the last week what kind of risk it there?I have read up on them and it doesnt say STOP taking it says tell your doctor if taking them.I also take half at a time when I do take them and I dropped Mg's.Compared to 5 10/650 too one 7.5mgs and not all at once.I know I need to stop taking them all together but i had a bad relationship years ago and he hurt my back very badly and it comes and goes and now with me getting bigger its really starting to bother me.Please get back to me I have had all the est for down syndrom and spinal bifia everything came back great and I had 4 ultrasounds and everything is normal but I know you really cant tell until I have the baby but Im worried half the people tell me its ok thye say you can take tylonal which is what is in the Hydrocodone its 7mgs of hydrocodone and 500 mgs of tylonal.Please write me back if you can help or if anybody can help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!***@****
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