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peak on fert monitor, little mucous, ??? help please....

Hi, I'm ttc and on day 20 and 21, I got the egg symbol (peak fertility) on my clearblue fert monitor.  I came off bcps in late oct and had two light periods after, each cycle lasting 24 days or so.  So 20 days is late but maybe I wont get my period for awhile?  I'm not sure.  My question is, I noticed a little more cm than usual earlier in my cycle, around 15/16 but I didn't ovulate, according to the monitor until day 20 and I haven't seen much cm around that, could the monitor be wrong or maybe I just didn't notice the cm????  I have some wetness today, but we did bd last night so it could be that.  Any help is appreciated....
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hmmm...cm can be a mysterious thing.  i ttc'd for like a year using opk's.  with a youngster around the house, we didn't have much time/privacy for bd..so a lot of times it was just around the opk's suggestion that we bd.  i had a lot of trouble playing the cm game.  seemed to not be much at all most of the time, certainly not enough to check or measure.  if you can, i would bd at the time your cm looks "just right" and again at the opk's suggestion...then you are covering both bases.  however, you haven't been off pill for that long, so your body may still be adjusting...a book i read once said to bd (if possible) every 3 days or so to catch any fertility at all.  the time bfp happened for me, we just had more frequent bd!  that month i had no idea when o happened.  maybe for me, the opk was not giving me a close enough reading...im not sure.  do you also do your bbt?  may be another way to check your real o time.  good luck to you and lots of baby dust.  have fun trying!
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I hear ya there.  My daughter will be two next month!  Thanks for the advice, I agree, this cm checking just isn't working out for me!  Guess we'll just bd a lot and see what's what.  If the opk is right I'm ovulating now so we'll see.  Good luck to you too!
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