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peeing to much to early? hmm...

hi, I have another question about symptoms. I'm on a 30 day cycle and am due for AF on th 12th. I have been peeing every half an hr to hr. I havent even been drinking that much? I know that that is a pregnancy symptom but I havent even past my period yet. Isnt it to early for that? maybe could it be a bladder infection. it doesnt burn or hurt when i pee, i just have to go alot. I dont know whats going on
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Could be a sign, have you taken a test?
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I plan on testing this morning, even though its still a day before AF is supposed to be here, I have so many symptoms I just can't wait a week to test. But I isnt peeing alot due to your uterus expanding and pushing on your bladder? wouldnt it be to soon for this to be happening? I mean if I am pregnant I would only be about like what 3 or 4 weeks? do you count from your last day of your last period or by the day of supposed implantation for how along you would be???
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No, frequent urination early in pregnancy is due to the HCG. The uterus doesn't grow that big in the beginning. Now as pregnancy progresses it is due to the added weight and size of the uterus and developing baby.

You are more patient than I, I always sort of knew when I was pregnant and usually tested at 11-12DPO and got my positives. I preferred the Answer Early tests and then would follow up a day or so later with a Clear Blue digital for my dh's sake. "Pregnant" spelled out is much easier for a man to absorb than pink lines : )
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AndiJ78 --> LOL that's hilarious...I totally agree with it being spelled out for a man....this time around I showed my H TWO positive tests and had a test from the health dept with a paper cofiming pregnancy and he STILL made a comment about "we aren't sure yet" I was like "what is there NOT to be sure about?"  LOL

Krissy24-->  I'm only 7 weeks today counting from my LMP (which is what doctors originally base the due date on) I've been peeing like crazy for the last few weeks and it seems to just get worse.  It's like no sooner than I finish I have to go again.  
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well I took a test today and it came back -   :*( it is a day before i was expecting to get AF but I thought since I was haveing what I thought to be early symptoms that i would get a +... I guess ill test again in a few days but that last test was really depressing. I mean my boobs are now starting to get sore just yesterday, that never has happened when I get my period. and being nauses every day starting about a week and a half ago. and having to pee alot, dont you get these if your hcg lvl is going up??and I used first response test, and still its negative. I guess maybe iv just been sick and had a bladder infection. ugh I hate it when I get all excited about nothing :(
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Generally if you are showing symptoms, it means there is HCG in your system. Many early tests will give a positive at low levels of 25mui. I am not a fan of First Response, yet I love Answer Early which is made by the same company, odd right?

If AF doesn't show up, test again.
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