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period after a D&C

just had a D&C on friday the 10th.....been spotting but today it is kinds heavy sorry TMI! could this be my period already? have the whole bitchy thing going on too......my poor boyfriend!  I want to try again so bad, wondering how long i should wait or should i wait at all?
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Your doctor should have given you instructions on when you can safely resume intercourse.  There can be a chance of infection if you start again too soon.

Usually, you'll get your period in 4-6 weeks after a miscarriage, but this can vary.  You may just be having residual spotting/bleeding from the D&C.  
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And you should really look into the condition of your tubes, since you've had a tubal ligation in the past.  Just because you didn't have an ectopic this time, doesn't mean you won't next time.  You're still at very, very high risk for one.  Your best chance for a healthy, normal pregnancy is if your tubes are patent (open).  

Good luck.  I hope you recover quickly!  
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Not sure if you can get your period so soon after the procedure.  I had a D&C on 7/19 and had spotting and heavy bleeding for over a week after the procedure.  Since then nothing and it's going on 4 weeks tomorrow.  Good luck, I know how you feel, I want to try again, but my doctor asked that I have at least 1 period first.
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okay thanks.....just anxious i guess! i see the doc on friday next week, i will find out what is going on with my tubes. :) thanks again
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