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period while pregnant

Hello all. I keep reading about women who have had a period, sometimes throughout their pregnancy, but I can not find any medical prof to back that up. I know that an actual period is the uterine wall shedding, so how can that happen if your pregnant? I also know you can have small amounts of bleeding that can throw some women off, but I have heard about women having their normal 5 day cycle.
The reason I am asking is because I am freaking out. My husband got a vasectomy last December because we are done having kids. But in June I started lactating and feeling very nausous. I went to the doctor and my blood work came back that I wasn't pregnant and they suggested that I convinced myself so much that I was pregnant that I made my body react like this. She kept asking if I was upset my husband had the vasectomy. I am NOT upset and do not want more children. But she made me feel so crazy  so I do not want to go back and see her.
Last month I started to fell small twitches in my stomach and summed it up to gas. I have had a 5 day period every month when I am suppose to but am still lactating and the "movements" in my stomach have gotten stronger. Yesterday I could even feel and see them from the oustide. What Is going???? Anyone else have something similar that they can shed light on the situation. I will go to the doctor if it continues, I just hate feeling like they think your crazy.
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mamabug,  it sounds like you have a prolactin problem,  maybe from a prolactinoma.  I'm really surprised your doc didn't know about prolactin hormone problems.  It's not a psych issue,  it's a problem with the endocrine system,  and it makes you feel sick to your stomach,  and often gives you headaches and makes you feel tired.  

Mine resolved itself by itself,  and I'm glad no one had the audacity to think that a small tumor was because I had convinced myself I was pregnant and was resentful of my husband's vascectomy!  Sheesh!

I also feel the "baby move" from time to time.  I've talked to other women who are moms and they feel the baby move from time to time,  too.  I don't know what that is - maybe a part of the intestine moving near the uterus? Weird.
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Well I am glad your okay!! When I went to the doctor in June they did check my prolactin levels too, all blood work can out good. But the weirdest part of this whole thing is the moving in my body. If you and other moms have felt this too than maybe it really is nothing. In fact I am keeping my fingers crossed that it is nothing! :) thanks for your help!

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