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please read!!!! I'm worried

Hello, ok I have an appt next week but I was wondering if I could get some advice on here before my appt, just to ease my mind a little. I have been having some serious problems I am not pregnant at least I dont think so. I have been hurting really bad in my stomach around my ovaries. It hurts so bad I actually balled up on the floor and cried and screamed with pain it scared me. Also with this horrible pain. I have been having problems with my legs, they are numb. also my feet are very tender to the touch. I have had a migrane for 3 days my vision is poor and I am bloated. Please help what could this be?
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I have no earthly idea, but any time you are balled up on the floor screaming in pain, my own personal opinion is that its Emergency Room time, not "wait til next week for appt" time.

But thats me.

Good luck.  
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I have to agree with Peek on this.   I wouldn't be comfortable waiting a week.     I hope you are ok.
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I also agree with the other ladies, but in the mean time if you do plan to wait for the doctors next week, I would take a pregnancy test.  If it is pregnancy related, it could be an ectopic pregnancy which needs immediate attention especially with that much pain.
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ok since I wrote the last post I have taken a pg test it was negative. I have not hurt like that one day but I have hurt a little, and my leg is still numb, it gives out on me sometimes as im walking. I just dont know what to do.Im very worried. Im prolly going to ER today cause sittin here the pain has started please pray
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i was in that much pain when a cyst ruptured on my ovary...  
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