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possible miscarriage??

I did 2 home preganancy digital tests last week [ on day my period was due ] and they both showed up positive. I've worked out from day of my last period that I am 5 1/2 weeks pregnant just now. I didn't feel pregnant anymore yesterday and had light blood on toilet paper today, and thought I'd maybe miscarried [ or started to ]. I had a miscarriage 4 months ago so I know the signs.

I went to Accident & Emergency this morning and when they tested me for pregnancy test they said it was negative, and sent me away saying I must have had a miscarriage. - however I only had very light blood this morning and I thought the pregnancy hormone showed up until everything has passed [ as this is what happened the last time ]. I am now very confused and don't know what to think. Any advice?
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I would advise to go see your OB for further testing.  I am sorry that you are going through this.  I experienced a miscarriage this week and it has been just horrible.  

Light spotting can be normal in early pregnancy.  I am sure your miscarriage from 4 months ago is still fresh in your mind.  As you said, it does take HCG longer to exit your system than just a couple of days.  Please take the time to go see your OB, and set your mind a ease.
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Thanks for advice. I saw the doctor yesterday and she said I must've miscarried 1 - 2 weeks ago and the pregnancy hormones have now died away - that's why I got negative result with pregnancy test yesterday. Pretty gutted but will just have to keep trying. xx
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