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possible pregnancy??

In January I thought that I may have been pregnant. My husband and I aren't necessarily trying to have a baby, but at the same time we would love to. The reason that I thought I may have been pregnant is when I went to the bathroom one day I noticed  a pinkish color discharge. I looked it up online and figured it may have been implantation bleeding, though it only occurred that one time. I waited it out for a while before taking a home pregnancy test which came out negative. Soon after I got my period, which normally happens around the 27th of the month. This month I had unprotected sex with my husband about a week before my period should have started (last Friday). I am now only two days late so I'm not too concerned about that. I haven't had any pinkish discharge again but I am noticing a thick white discharge. It is odorless and doesn't come along with any itching or anything associated with a yeast infection. Im just wondering if it could be a sign of pregnancy as I have not yet taken a test. I don't know anything about ovulation at all. So I guess I'm wondering if it would have been easy for me to get pregnant the week before my period should have started. Like I said I am two days late. Should I go ahead and take a test. It's only been a week since the sex, so would it be to early for a test to detect it. I did some internet research and some things say that a white discharge could be associated with pregnancy. I am experiencing slight cramps but I'm sure that could just be a sign that my period is soon to come but it could also be a sign of pregnancy as well as tenderness of my breasts. It's kind of hard to tell since it's all right in the middle of when I should be having my period. So my main questions are is it too early to take a test? Could the white discharge, cramps and tender breasts have anything to do with being pregnant? Also I'm having some slight mood swings which isn't normal for me even when it's time for my period to come around. I'd really appreciate some advice. Thanks!
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Everything you mention can be a sign of pregnancy. If you are late, now would be the time to test.
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i would say test and keep us updated. good luck;)
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