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post tubal question

Tell me if this is what is described as "post tubal syndrome"

very bad ovulating pain, I can feel which ovary is being affected. A couple days later after O'ing, usually 2-3 days I have an extreme pain in that side, so bad it stops me in my tracks, then I start spotting bright red within an hour. The spotting turns to a very scant light bleed that lasts for the next 1 1/2 weeks, till AF comes. AF only lasts for 1-2 days, but very heavy.

I got the tubal after having my 3rd 16 months ago

I've been thinking about getting back on the pill because of this, but am reluctant to. Maybe Vitex/chastetree berry would help?
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That doesn't sound right at all.  I would suggest before you try herbal remedies that you consult with your OB.  Something isn't right, but I couldn't advise to what it might be.  

Call doc and get an appt quickly.
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The pain you are describing is not related to tubal pain. I would go back to your doctor and request an ultrasound. Sounds like it could possibly be endometriosis, harmless but pesky cysts or fibroids.
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thanks for the comments. I was thinking it was related to having the tubal because it started with the 1st AF after the tubal, every month since.

I have a history of cysts, but nothing to this magnitude.

I'm just dumbfounded
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oh, and I have bad cramps during the 1 1/2 weeks of spotting, but none during my actual af
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