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potty training dilemma

My daughter is going to be 5 in august.she shows no interest in potty training,and never tells us when she pees or poops in her pull-up.she is very hyper and is hard to keep in 1 place for long.we both work full time and have a 5 month old son as well.we have tried the reward system(not lately tho) and it failed.we are at a loss and im afraid that her schooling will be an issue if not resolved.
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Have you tried any other method, system, or book?  Who cleans her up, a caregiver?  Is there anything she does not get, if she is in pullups, that she might get if she were not?
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Hi there.  Well, yes.  I think this will be a problem at school.  Socially, it is not common for a child to go to kindergarten in diapers.  Now, some kids do wet at night and can do so for several years before they get a strong enough signal to wake them up to go on the toilet.  But daytime urination and bowel movements are not common for a 5 year old.  

You also mention she is hyper.  What were her milestones like?  I she able to self care like dress herself, brush her teeth, etc?  How are her fine and gross motor skills?  Has she ever attended preschool or that type of situation and how does she do?  

I only ask because I'm wondering if there is not some underlying reason for her not getting potty trained at this point.  If there is no reason, then now is the time to force the issue.  This means that you take her underwear shopping.  She picks out the underwear.  And then she wears it next weekend.  If she soils it, then it is put in the trash in front of her.  (yes, this costs a bit of money but shouldn't take long to potty train her.)  No more pull ups period other than at night.  It will require your getting a bit tough on her but unless there is an underlying reason for why she isn't potty training, you just need to get the job done.

My son was an older potty trainer.  He said he wanted to be 'the baby'.  He was FOUR!  I tried not to make that big of a deal out of it until I realized that this was ridiculous.  I looked at him and said "would you just get potty trained already."  he smiled and said yes.  I swear----  he was potty trained that day.  Older kids do not need a 'process' to get potty trained.  They just need to know that this is the expectation and mama isn't playing anymore.  

So, unless there is an issue that is causing this----  developmentally, then make it happen!  good luck
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Your daughter needs a serious medical work up if she's almost 5 and isn't potty trained.  She won't be able to be admitted to school at this rate without a disability waiver.  

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she has dvds and a few books that we look at and watch,she will sit on her potty for bit then get up and use her pull-up instead.we have tried the reward system as best we could with no luck
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she has sensory processing disorder,which put her fine motor,speech,and other skills behind.she is doing better in all other fields but potty training.She goes to preschool where she sees an occupational therapist,they take them to the potty 3 times in just as many hours.they tell us she eats and drinks very little and stays dry the time she is there.At home,she will hesitate to sit sometimes.we've tried asking her about it,but no useful responses have come.We are rather frustrated by this due to our busy enough schedules without having to deal with this issue.We have started to crack down on her more but im afraid that it will make it harder for us.
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Well I have the same issue however she already attended a full school year with pull-ups on the whole year and she was bullied and she wont go potty I did take her and get underwear and that did not do anything It is the perfect time to get it done because of summer but how with the yelling crying and taken the underwear off HELP??? She has gross motor and delay development so how can I get it done
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