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pregnancy and percocet

hello just wanted to know if any of you ladies might know how safe it is to take a pain killer like percocet when pregnant. I am 37 weeks pg and had a abcess on my leg removed the dr. gave me percocet said it was safe. But i am not sure since i am so close to my due date don't want the baby to have problems after birth like withdraw. thank you for your help
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As long as you only take the prescribed dose and only when needed, you should be okay. I was given percocet during my last trimester and so far my baby looks fantastic and didn't have any problems : )

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I pulled a muscle in my back a few weeks ago and my fibroid was acting up and they gave me proproxy...I am currently 38 weeks 3 days.  I know that it is not as strong as percocet. the only thing that it did was lower my baby's heart rate and he/she did not move as much.  The dr said that was to be expected. I am sure they would not give you anything that can be harmful to you or your baby, but if I were you I would just monitor your baby's movements.

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Hi All I just wanted to stop in and say Hi!!!  i was hoping to hear that kck delivered safely.  Glad that she did. Iaqm going to go and read who got BFP and where everyone is with TTC and weeks along...   DH and I are feeling better.  It is true everyday the pain gets a little more bareable.  Tomorrow I go for my first check up since DNC.  We have decided that we have one more try in us.  (i've said that a lot of times before....)  But I do not want to turn 40 (OCT) and then regret not trying again.  I think that we are gong to do injectibles and iui.  I really don't have a problem getting PG. just staying that way. I am going togo now and find questins to ask my Dr. Does anyone know anything about heparin?  Also what is the test to see if my body is rejecting our baby?  I'll check in late

Blessing to all  Peace Lynn
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Let us know what you find out at the doc!!
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Well I am back from the Dr.  and everything is back to mormal, noraml smooth cervix, normal size uterus.... It is so surreal to be here typing this and my pregnany is completely over.  But I am better today than yesterday and tomorrow I will be even better.

DH and I are officially once again TTC.  With this last pregnancy we weren't trying. I had given up.  Well now we are TTC again.  Please keep us in your prayers, as youall know all of you are in mine.  

Talk to you all later   Blessings Lynn
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Although it was very sad to hear of your m/c, it's good to hear you are ttc again. Did they test your fetus to find the cause of your m/c's?
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