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pregnancy signs

how long does it take to know that you are pregnant? i know that it might sound weird but this is our first and so we are pretty new at this, but very anxious to have a baby, but how long does it take for the egg and sperm to stick so to say, we have tried on day 10 -17 every other day and well you would think that we should have gotten it right....well do you have to wait the whole month or could you start getting signs of being pregnant sooner....
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there is so much info out there to teach you about your body and fertility. i suggest finding a great book there is more info than we have room to type here lol. you have to know when you ovulate to know when to have sex. typically if you have a 28 day cycle you will O on day 14. if your cycle is 30 days you count from the 30th day back 14 days. meaning you would O 14 days prior to your next cycle, not on the 14th day after. im probably confusing you sorry. ok now if you dont know your body can tell you what is going on from your cervical mucus, to your body temps to possible pain you may have. webwomb is just one site that explains how some of that works. once you get this down you can get the correct days to have sex. there are opk's that tell you when you are about to O, you can do your bbt's, but remember that nothing is 100% foolproof for everyone. lets say you O and you have had sex. (you should have sex prior too sperm can live for several days and be waiting for that egg), within hours they will unite, but it can take around 7-10 days to travel down to the uterus and implant. after implantation you will start to produce hormones that are detectable on a hpt for pregnancy. but it may not show until you are late for your period. there are a few that get positives before, but waiting till you are late is the best. good luck and hopefully i havent made your head spin, and if i said something crazy forgive me im tired!! lol. get a book, or google the heck out of this stuff. you will find everything you need to know.
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thank you so much for explaining all that to me, it REALLY helped me out, but i will look up all this stuff more but sometimes it stick when i hear peoples stories other than book info.  
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I am around 15 wks with my 3rd child today.  I knew right away that i was having another baby on Feb. 14 b/c my cervix was angle up and out ward after s**.  On the Feb. 18 i  then had a very very very small ting of blood in white mucus when i went to potty.  My nibbles first had tingling feeling in the following weeks first.  Also a missed period first of March.  Then on Friday March 9 I took a preg. test not postive but on Monday March 12 I did a five days sooner test it came out postive.  So the five day sooner test didn't work until 6 days after my missed period.  I knew i was pregent but the preg. test don't work right away.  I also know that my smelling sense is alot stronger right away when i get pregent.  Things that usually I could smell without my stomach turning start making my stomach turn before a pregency test turns out postive.  I could just smell things alot better.  With my first child i never got sick which was a boy and was very small.  With second child i was sick and sleep and bigger all over and it was a girl.  So every preg. is different

Also a doctor can take blood but i don't know how much sooner.  Or if u could get the doctor to do a ultrasound but i am not sure on how soon it would detect the sac.

hope this helps
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dont go by symptoms alone though, they mimic pms and can be different every month. some women can say the "KNEW" they were pg, but for the most part the painfull boobs, cramps, cranky and tired and hungry, while those can be the same as pregnancy, you can get those before you start as well. heck this time was the first month i felt less "symptoms" than i had monthsi wasnt pg or even trying to!! there is also the fact that many women miscarry very early and dont know, i think it is 1out of 3 women. taking a test too early and seeing a positive then starting your period can be very devastating. taking the test after you are late is the best, but i know its hard to do!! your symptoms cant even happen until you have had implantation and have then started to produce hcg, which is the hormone that gives you pregnancy symptoms. usually when women say they had symptoms from the day they concieved its probably from the hormones when we ovulate. kinda impossible to feel anything that day! if you do try to go by symptoms only you might be disappointed month after month, its not very likely that a couple will concieve the first few cycles they try.
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Check out WebMD!! They have a really good calendar that you set up for yourself by entering the last day of your last period and the average length or your cycle (usually 28-32 days). It will tell you the most fertile days for you. Kinda like "getting pregnant for dummies" LOL. Worked for me the first time I used it!!!! Good luck!

And as the other girls said, there is a fountain full of information and different tactics out there. Just start searching! :)
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