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Hello everyone
             I was just wondering when everyone was due and how far along everyone was? How many of us is pregnant in here right now? I am due march 11 and i am going on 8 weeks . Just being curious (if i spelled that right) good night. T.
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My due date is Feb 3rd.  I am going on 13 weeks.  The nausea has tapered off and now I'm feeling better each day.  This is my first pregnancy so I'm just starting to show a bit.  Congratulations and the best of luck to you!! Take care.
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Hello. I am due Feb. 18. I'm curently 11 weeks now. This is my third child. Still have morning sickness. Been here since I found out I was pg. Hope it goes away. Never had it with my other two. Good luck to everyone trying and who's already concieved. I get my first ultrasound Aug. 4th. Can't wait excited.

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Hello, I will be 26 weeks on Friday. I am due on November 7. He is moving around alot now. I love that feeling until he kicks me in my bladder. My sickness comes and goes. I can feel good for a few days and then I will be sick for a few days. Good luck to you all. Suzann
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Im 7 weeks and due March 17-20. This will be my first baby.   I'm having problems though, so let's hope all is going to be okay. Good luck to all of you!

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I am 17 weeks pregnant with my first baby due Jan 6.  Up until a few days ago, everything was fine with no worries, but after the Triple Screen Test (aka Quad Screen) came back things started to look bad.  Doc says not to worry the test could be wrong.  Keep your fingers crossed.  I am very scared.  I am glad to see that there are a number of people on here that are expecting.  Congrats to all and I wish you all a healthy pregnancy and a super healthy baby. :)

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I am 12 weeks and due around February 10th.  I get some brown bleeding once is while (by the way, I just figured out I get them exactly when I would ovulate) but otherwise everything's going well.  Sickness is gone.  My belly is getting firm.  Has anyone gotten that brown line that goes from your belly button down to the pubic area?  Called linea negra.  There is a pregnancy calendar on www.pregnancy.org, if anyone's interested.  Have a pleasant pregnancy and healthy baby everyone!
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