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I am 29yrs. old, my question is i had the depo shot in dec. after the 3 mths i didn't take it again, last month i was really sick for 2 weeks straight and it was really weird because the first two days it was kind of brown and than it was a really dark red color, about a week and a half before this i went to the hospital and they told me that there was nothing wrong, i took a pregnancy test and they have all come back neg. i have no symptoms of getting my period this month so far i should have it by sat. but because i had the depo would this make my period not normal and cause me to have a high temp and have flu symptoms for 2wks straight. i m not sure and if i am pregnant why are all of the pregnancy tests saying no? is this possible to be pregnant and have the tests say no?
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Yes you can get a false negative, but I think it is more likely to be the side effects from the depo shot it takes a long time to get out of your system and for your period to regulate and become normal again. It does horrible things to your body and majority of women have to take clomid for things to get back to normal to try to conceive. The depo actually stops ovulation so it will take a while for your body to get back to normal even after only 1 single shot. I had the depo shot for about 18 months and stopped in Jan last year, I stopped it because I heard of all the side effects and things it does to your body so I stopped immediately, we used other precautions until December last year and then still took another 5 months to conceive. Hope this helps. Google the depo shot and you will be surprised I think.
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I was in the same boat you are in now...in 04' before I got married I had the deppo shot...I was supposed to go back and get it again in Dec. and we both realized we wanted children...I also went to the doctor too because I thought I was pregnant because of all the signs...but I was not...we kept trying and trying..and finally we found out we were pregnant in April of 05'...I would say you are pretty close to getting the deppo out of your system...your body will know when it is time...so good luck
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