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pregnant on depo..?

i am pregnant two months,I also started birth control as of 1 month ago..what do i do? has this happened to any1 b4? will my child have any problems or defects? will my 9 mts be abnormal?
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Oh no, how did this happen?  I thought the doctors took a pg test before actually giving you the shot if it is not given within a few days after starting your period.  Did they not do that?  Did it show negative?

Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do now but wait.  There is no reversal for the Depo shot.  You should consider notifing your doctor immediately.  I believe you may have an increased risk of miscarrying.   :-(
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yes it was negative..i was pregnant b4 and it took about 7 weeks for a test to actually show positive. i asked them prior getting the shot,to give a bloodtest but they said its not neccesary..now im stuk!im so upset i have to find a different clinic now-they were no help,i will not return to that place ever..

do u know a link or anything that may help me,i have been serarching for two days and all i get back is that 3/1000 women will be impregnate--how bout the ones that are already pregnant?
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Yes, I am having a little trouble finding info too.  However, I did find the following at this link:  http://www.healthsquare.com/newrx/dep1126.htm

Depo-Provera is not given to pregnant women. If an unexpected pregnancy occurs 1 to 2 months after a Depo-Provera injection, the baby is more likely to have a low birth weight or other health problems....(goes on, but it's long)

I was using google.com and my search was "depo provera while pregnant".
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about 9 years ago I got pregnant while on the depo shot... I chose not to keep the baby at that time because there was a reason I was on it.  Anyways, my doctor told me that the baby would be fine.  Also I don't know if you were converting your bc over to the depo but if you do that it contradicts each other and you can get pregnant.  That is what happened to me.  The dr told me to start taking the bp pills 1 month prior to the shot expiring so that I would not get pregnant.  What we did not know at the time is that it contradicts each other.  They do now!  Good luck!
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i also got pregnant on depo. and had a healthy little boy, he was  kind of little at 6lbs 12oz but he was healthy.. I wish you the best of luck. And try not to worry..
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oh my god!! thank u! i didnt think u'd try..i guess nice ppl do exist..:-))..thank u..
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I hope this makes you feel a little better. I worked in OB-Gyn for 5 years. I have seen a handful of women pregnant while on Depo during the first 1-2 months. They had uneventful pregnancies and delievered healthy babies. Good luck and keep us posted.
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hi dont lose hope just yet, my friend was 2 months when she got her first shot and did not know, her doc did a test as well but it was neg too, she went back about 3 weeks after her first shot as she was feeling nausea, she did a blood test and it was pos, she now has a 3 year old daughter no side affects just yet. Did u tell ur doc that ur last test took 7 weeks to pick up? Maybe if he/she knew that they would have done a blood test or US. pLEASE FIND MORE INFO, I HOPE YOU GO ON TO KEPP IT AND I WISH U A VERY HEALTHY PREGNANCIE...GOOD LUCK...GO TO UR DOC RIGHT AWAY AND HAVE THEM DO A US....xxx LOTS OF LOVE!
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I got preggo on depo and he is 19 months now and he is healthy and rambunkshus let me tell you!~ Anyways he did have a low birth weight i had him at 34 weeks almost 35 and he was 5 lbs 3 oz. I think if i would of went the full 38 to 40 weeks he would of been a big baby!!!

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Hi Everyone,

Okay well, I've been reading on this forum and another one that was closed at the end of 2004. A lot of this information is very interesting to me. You see, I've been on depo many years now. I've never really had any problems with it. They put me on it because they had me on the pill and it made me bleed a lot. I was in and out of the hospital for a week and had to change every hour. It was awful. Well, I got my last shot and I am due for another one on the 8th. Well, It seems to me this one has worn off quite a bit quicker than the rest of them. I started spotting and am having my normal emotional problems I normally have when my shot is wearing off. However.... Some of the signs I am showing would also show pregnancy. It just let's me know to have them do a test before I get my next shot. Thank you for posting the website. The information there helped a lot with how I have been feeling and side effects. Thanks again

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I found this: http://www.otispregnancy.org/pdf/Depo_Provera.pdf on the 2nd page...hope it helps.

What are the effects on my baby if I was
already pregnant when I received my Depo
One study showed there may be an
increased risk of neonatal and infant death
when exposed to Depo Provera during
pregnancy. Again, these babies were more
likely to have a lower birth weight than babies
not exposed. No other studies have shown an
increase in birth defects or long term health
issues from use of Depo Provera during
pregnancy. In addition, there is no indication
that Depo Provera causes an increase in
pregnancy loss or miscarriage. However, when
you know you are pregnant you should not
continue getting the Depo Provera injections.
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My friend was given a depo provera shot during time of conception. She was given one three months later and given one again three months later.  So that was three shots.  She was always given the urine test first.  The third time they called her back after giving the urine test and shot and told her she needed to do the urine test again.  Then they told her she was pregnant.  Then she had an ultra sound and found out she was five months pregnant which means they were giving her shot while she was pregnant.  Then her baby was born and they said he was okay.  He was six weeks old when he died!  We are still waiting on the autopsy report but we told the pathologist about these shots!  We live in Pennsylvania and within an half and hour of being told her baby was dead at the emergency room she and the baby's father were taken into separate rooms and questioned they were not nice questions either.  Then the police questioned her nine year old and six year old and they were not nice questions either.  Then they served a search warrant on their home questioned their neighbors questioned me all of this before they even had an autopsy report! I think they could have waited for the autopsy.  apparently nothing indicated they did anything to their child since he was released the next day for a funeral.  Personally I believe these shots have caused a problem.  Soon we will know!
It is not a pleasant experience to wakeup and find your baby unresponsive still wondering what happened and then being questioned in such a rude manner and bothering her children how insensitive is that????
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Hi, i'm 17 and 7 months pregnant off of depo. I was already 2 months pregnant when i got pregnant but the doctor didn't give me a test like she always did....I think i'm doing fine but i'm don't sure..i'm not all that big but u can tell i'm pregnant i eat alot and sleep alot and was told i'm gonna have a premie. i'm due april 10th 2008 and i'm really scared and don't kno what to do. my mom says i'm fine but i feel like i could be better..i stay with headaches and feel the baby move all da time. Sometimes my stomach cramps up and i cry AlOT...I CAN'T HELP IT!! jst kno that i'm going through this and its not all that bad just keep ya head held up high.
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I was on the Depo Shot when I got pregnant as well. (i had let it lapse for about a month, but I did that before and never got pregnant) Because I didnt have a period, I had no clue.  I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl at 34 weeks.  She was 4lbs 13oz. Ive been on the Depo on and off since I was 16. Im now 31.  I believe that the low birth weight has alot to do with Depo!  My daughter is now 1 year old, and Ive been on the shot since 4 weeks after she was born.  Im now showing symptoms of pregnacy again. Ive taken several pregnancy tests but they all have come back negative. Im praying thats not the case, but who knows.  I believe that if youve been on it too long, it doesnt have the same effect.
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I am 27 years old and was diagnosed with endometrosis when I was 21 after having severe pain and passing out every month. I have now been on Depo for alittle over 5 years and am wondering if it is possible for me to be pregnant. For the last 2 weeks I have been exhausted, have noticed spotting when I urinate, and my breasts feel full and hurt. I get nauseated off and on through out the afternoons as well. Could this all be in my head because I want to be a mother? I have taken 2 HPT and they were both negative. I just dont know what to think because I havent had a menstrual cycle the entire time I have been on the shot. My doctor never advised me on anything other than saying I needed to be on this for my health. I am now regretting ever starting it because I have read horry stories about women how try for years to get pregnant and cant. I was seeing a specialist and he told me that I had stage 4 and that if I wanted children I should do it before 30 and then to go ahead and have everything removed. Im scared that I will never be able to have a family of my own and my fiance and I get excited over the possibility of a little one! Any advise or insite will be greatly appreciated. I feel like no one understands!
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If you are aproximately nine days pregnant and you get the depo shot what are the chances it actually becoming a baby??
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what if you started the depo shot and then recintly had sex about a month after getting then discoverded constant spotting then when it came around to your period you didn't have it. is this just because of the depo shot or is because i have a possibility of being pregnant.?
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I have been on the depo for almost three months, I am supposed to get another shot on nov 20th but recently my boyfriend and i have had some accidents. Once he just came and the second time the condom ripped. What should i do? do i get the shot or not? I am pretty scared, i am a senior in high school and am freaking out please help!!!
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okay so im 20 my son is almost 2 ive been on the depo for almost 2 yrs just recently i started gettin what i was told depo symptoms....well now that i look at the 1st trimester i have 8 out of 11 symptoms of being pregnant my next shot is december 7th if im in my 1st trimester and i have been gettin my shot like im supposed to is there gonna be anything wrong with my baby?
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I'm really upset right now!

My period is 4 weeks late, 1 pos and 6 neg urine tests. I wanted a blood test but my dr wouldnt perform one. She told me since i wasn't planning on getting pregnant and wasnt pregnant i should get on the depo shot. i got the shot today for the first time.

i hae had some preg symptoms on and off for the past 2 weeks or so like nausea, big boobs,and i'm always tired. i'm afraid that i may have altered a possible pregnancy. how do i go about knowing whether i'm pregnant or not? should i go bak in feb and ask if i'm preg again? by feb (if i am pregnant) i'll be about 5 months...or should i go to another place and ask for an ultrasound??

also, should i keep taking the prenatals???

thanks u all. i'm so afraid right now!

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I Had The Depo Shot While Being Pregnant Don't Know How if Before GIving Me The Shot My Doctor Took A prego Test And it Was Negative.Well Soon i Noticed i Had Symptoms Like A Pregnant Girl But I Thought Those Were The Syptoms I Was Suppose To Have Because Of The Depo Shot. Because My Doctor Warned Me I Would Have Similar Symptoms As Being Pregnant. So I Was Confused Through Out The Time Of Being On The Shot  Then On The Second Month Of Being On It I Got Concerned And My Boyfriend Got Me 2 Prego Test Both Came Out Positive Then We Were In Shock And I Was Like... How? If Im On The Shot & It Doesnt End Till January Which i Got It On October5 Then My Sister Starts Noticing My Stomach And The Way I Was Eating...Soon We Bought Another 2 Pregnancy Test Then Positive Again Now Im Concerned And Have 2 Let My Mom Know Im Pregnant... Well i Soon Went To The Doctor & He Tells Me im 17wk&2days Pregnant From Looking At The Ultrasound & He Thinks Out Of the Measurments&weight Of My Baby Seems As If its Healthy!  BUT Im CONCERNED Cause 17wks&2days MEANS Im 4months 1wk&2days Pregnant & Out Of The Calculations I Got THe Shot While Im Pregnant Now My QUESTiON iS Would iT HARM My BABY?  :/  :((
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Okay So In Late December i Had A Period But It Was 2Days Late N It Only Lasted For 4Days (And My Periods Always Last For 7Days) ..Then iWent To The Clinic Early January N Took A Pregnancy Test But It Was Negative ..So iGot On The Depo Shot ..Its Now Early February And My Nipples Have Darkend ..iMissed My Period In January Already And iOnly Been On Depo For Like A Month ..iBeen Sleepy ..And iBeen Peein A Lot More Often Not A Whole Lot But Every Hour iGuess ..My Belly And Uterus Have Increased In Size N My Boobs Have Actually Grown And Im An A CUP And They Been The Same Size For A Long Time ..Also iBeen Eatin The Strangest Foods ..And Have Been Eatin All THe Time And If Im Not Eating Im Still Feeling Super Hungry ..Also My Back Is Startin To Really Hurt N Im Beginning To Have A Hard Time Sleepin Cuz If i Sleep On My Side My Sides Start To Hurt And iCant Sleep on My Belly or Back Cuz Its unconfortable ..Also iHavent Been Feelin Like Myslef Lately ..But The Only Thing Is, Is I Heard The Depo Shot Can Have Some Of The Same Symptoms As Pregnancy Symptoms ..So Could It Jus Be The Depo Shot Kickin In And Im Perinoid Or Do You Think Its Possible i could have Been Pregnant B4 iGot On The Shot But The Test Jus Came Up Negative? Im Young Like Under 17 N Im Jus Wondering What You Think? ..
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hey yall i have a question.i had sex yesterday on febuary 17 2010,,and i missed my depo shot on febuary 5 2010..after sex my boyfrannd came in me and i layed there for awhile for the cumm too settle,,ive been having a really browish red blood cumm out of meh wheni pee..but my stomach does not cramp at all it i also bleed a little bit yesterday night and keep twisting and turning when i was trying too sleep and also woke up feeling sick this morning..AM I PREGNANT?
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