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pregnant on depo..?

i am pregnant two months,I also started birth control as of 1 month ago..what do i do? has this happened to any1 b4? will my child have any problems or defects? will my 9 mts be abnormal?
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Oh no, how did this happen?  I thought the doctors took a pg test before actually giving you the shot if it is not given within a few days after starting your period.  Did they not do that?  Did it show negative?

Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do now but wait.  There is no reversal for the Depo shot.  You should consider notifing your doctor immediately.  I believe you may have an increased risk of miscarrying.   :-(
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yes it was negative..i was pregnant b4 and it took about 7 weeks for a test to actually show positive. i asked them prior getting the shot,to give a bloodtest but they said its not neccesary..now im stuk!im so upset i have to find a different clinic now-they were no help,i will not return to that place ever..

do u know a link or anything that may help me,i have been serarching for two days and all i get back is that 3/1000 women will be impregnate--how bout the ones that are already pregnant?
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Yes, I am having a little trouble finding info too.  However, I did find the following at this link:  http://www.healthsquare.com/newrx/dep1126.htm

Depo-Provera is not given to pregnant women. If an unexpected pregnancy occurs 1 to 2 months after a Depo-Provera injection, the baby is more likely to have a low birth weight or other health problems....(goes on, but it's long)

I was using google.com and my search was "depo provera while pregnant".
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about 9 years ago I got pregnant while on the depo shot... I chose not to keep the baby at that time because there was a reason I was on it.  Anyways, my doctor told me that the baby would be fine.  Also I don't know if you were converting your bc over to the depo but if you do that it contradicts each other and you can get pregnant.  That is what happened to me.  The dr told me to start taking the bp pills 1 month prior to the shot expiring so that I would not get pregnant.  What we did not know at the time is that it contradicts each other.  They do now!  Good luck!
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i also got pregnant on depo. and had a healthy little boy, he was  kind of little at 6lbs 12oz but he was healthy.. I wish you the best of luck. And try not to worry..
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oh my god!! thank u! i didnt think u'd try..i guess nice ppl do exist..:-))..thank u..
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