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hi there,
         i missed my period for almost 3 mths. everything is fine, i dont experience any symptom so far except missed period. i have slight bleeding on week 6 n 7, however it was very little. cld that be implantation bleeding? i had no other signs such as constipation, frequent urination, darkening of nipples, or viens appearing there. no morning sickness too.

however, my left breast is starting to sore a little on the side, the right one feels alright. is the a sign of pregnancy? i read that the breast soreness that occurs during pregnancy is dif from the ones during period, as it is more to the sides. is that true?

i have a very unpredictable period cycle, and am really frustrated. i had 2 mth cycle for since last nov, and its really not on time.

i had egg white discharge on day 21 or so. but i think its not ovulation.

help im really disturb by my period cycle. how can i make it come?
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Go see your doctor and ask about pcos.  read up on it sounds to me like this may be what you have.  He/she may put you on the pill to jump start your period and also regulate your hormones...
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I am in a similar situation.  I skip every other period.  But this time I was supossed to have one 2 weeks ago.  Nothing yet.  And up until 2 weeks ago I thought I might be pregnant.  I had all the symptoms.  I am going friday to see if I have pcos or hypothyroidism. If you go to www.pcos-support.org their is a detail of what pcos is and even a quiz who is likely to have it.  And much to my suprise I scored high which means I could possibly have it.  It also tells what kind of treatment the are doing.  I hope this helps you.  The site has answered alot of questions.
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Yes and if it is PCOS, read up on it a lot, apparently a diet like Atkins or whatnot (high protien, low carb) will REALLY make a difference.  Or, go to the diabetes association and get some help on a diet there.  Not for weight loss necessarily, but for Insulin resistance.
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Hello there. I was reading your post and I decided to write a comment back. I dont mean to scare you if you are not wanting to be pregnant ok? But, Im just trying to help in any way I can. I had recently given birth just a little over 6 weeks ago, and I had symptoms very early in my pregnancy, so I knew I was pregnant at around 4 1/2 weeks, but...My sister in otherwords was totally different. She was like you! She was pregnant for 5 months until she knew she actually was pregnant. She always did have irregular periods and skipped a few months often. At the moment her and her husband conceived, they were not trying to get pregnant. She missed her period for 5 months and thought nothing of it the first 3 months, but after that she began to think that she my be pregnant. But, she never actually thought she was because she had no other symptoms whatsoever. Just the fact that she missed her period....5 TIMES! Hehe! Well...4 months later she gave birth to a healthy 8 pound baby boy. It was a good think she didnt smoke or drink either, because not knowing if she was pregnant or not for 5 months and smoked and drank could not of been good on the baby. Well...your situation could be completely different here. I dont know whats going on, but I thoutght Id just let you in on any possiblitly that you could be going through. In my opinion, I think you should contact a doctor, but do whatever you feel you need to do. I hope I helped a little, and sorry If I scared you a bit, but im just preparing you! If you like, you could e mail me and let me kmow how things are going. My e mail is ***@****
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Hey Kameran, I totally understand how your sister could think nothing of missing her period for 5 months.  Same thing would happen to be when I wasn't on the pill.  Does she have PCOS or anything?  You know, your period is a real pain in the ass every month, but its worse when it doesn't come at all for no reason.  Can you let me know why she rarely had it, just to give me an idea?  Thanks
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hi guys im new on this site i have a problem also. i missed my period for 2 months me and my boyfriend want a child he is excited that i missed my period but im scared o test b/c i have missed my period b4 and i was not pregnant. so im scared to get the bad news. im also scared that i may have a problem with  getting pregnant. i think that i may have pcos or something. i feel no symptoms of being pregnant we have been trying for at least 5 months now and nothing has happened. doctors say to try at least for a yr. but my friend girl has already got pregnant and had her baby. i undestand that every women is diffrent but can someone please help me? is anyone else out there experiencing something similar to me? please help.
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