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question on amniotic fluid levels

I'm currently 38 wks pregnant.
I go twice weekly for NSTs and get my fluid checked weekly. At my fluid check on Friday I was 7.5. The week before that I was 10, and the week before that I was 13. Of course this has me worried, but the dr. said I am ok, since baby passed NST, and level isn't down to 2.5 percentile.
He said he will  induce if I get down to an AFI of 5. I feel like I'd rather just have them induce now, rather than waiting for fluid to get too low. If anyone has any experience with this I would greatly appreciate some feedback. Thanks!
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I am in the same boat as you.  I am 37 wk 4 d and have been on and off bedrest for the past 8 weeks due to a/f levels.  The highest I have been was an 11.5.  Thursday it was 7.5 and was put back on bedrest.  I go on Monday to have them checked again and if it drops to 5 they will induce.  I wish they would just induce me so I can stop stressing about my levels.  They have checked me twice for leakage and that is not the case.  Have they checked you for that?

Will see what they say... but I have had about 20 sonos during my pregnancy. Told Dr. I am afraid the umbilical cord will get compressed b/c of low fluid.  Hope we both have our babies in the next few days!!!!!
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I went for a routine check up one day, and they immediately had to admit me. My amniotic fluid was too low(not sure of the numbers), and caused the umbilical cord to get wrapped around her neck. I was going in every week, and no previous sono's indicated the fluids being low. It just happened over night. I had to be induced. Even then it was still scary because she didnt come out screaming, and they rushed her out of the delivery room. It was the scariest moment of my life. Not to mention, she had to stay in the hospital for a whole week to get tests ran. By the good grace of god, everything turned out fine. Im sure your Dr. is monitoring things as best as possible, but to be on the safe side and to ease your mind I would ask for an induction, or at least a more frequent visit to monitor the levels more closely.
Good Luck!
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They have not put me on bedrest. I wonder why if I was at 7.5 on Friday. I go for NST tomorrow. I will try to get them to check my fluid levels. Now, I'm worried about cord issues too. I don't think I can wait until Friday to have fluid checked again. I just had an internal exam last Wed. He didn't mention that he specifically checked for leakage (not sure how they do that), but he did say that my cervix was still closed, but I was ~50% effaced. I have been getting good movement from the baby, so that is reassuring. Could be any day now.....
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I would definitely call to get an u/s done sooner.  When I was consistently in the low 8 range, I was getting them twice a week.  As far as your ob checking for leakage, it is just a strip of paper that they use.  I believe it reads the PH level.  If it turns a certain color it is urine and if it is amniotic fluid, it will turn another color.  I have had it done twice and just takes seconds to do.  Good luck!!!!
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Iam 38.5 weeks I had a sonogram yestrday my Dr called me imediatley afterwards and told me my amonic fluid is in the 5th percentile and I am having testing done tomorrow at the hospital, does anyone know how serious this is and what kind of test their going to do to me?
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