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savere anxiety treatments??

I have HORRIBLE anxiety..
Im 19 and until i was about 17 i had never even known what a "panic attack" was. the anxiety and panic were very contrulable with no medication.. But then, I became pregnant at about 18 and thats when it Hit big time. and it has gotten a little better sense i had my daughter, but i have so many irrational fears sense pregnancy. I dont know if its a phobia but if i think about the drug acid, or if i feel someone has drugged me or anything about that drug i instantly go into a panic attack. I have tried prescription drugs, and i am currently taking clonazipam as needed.  But the meds only mask the problem and i want this gone. i am to the point where id rather actually be insane then just feel it. because when your really insane you dont know it. I just want to be "Normal."
I have a 10 month old daughter and its hard to take care of a child when im constantly in my head being paranoid and anxious. i thought my pregnancy was the reason but it still is here. So now to get to the point i really wanna treat my anxiety and panic with natural things. but of course i dont believe anything will actually work because of how severe my anxiety is... So please anyone with experience and Knowledge HELP!! i feel like im going crazy.
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and im also afraid to get pregnant again because of how bad my anxiety was the first time.
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I'd try a combo of talk therapy and exercise.  It's really important that you exercise, and don't tell me about having a 10-month old, I know all the reasons it seems impossible.  But exercise has beaten anti-anxiety meds in all the tests, and you sound like it is practically a life and death situation.  Do you have a friend that you can goad into goading you into exercising, maybe a pact or a competition?  Put that kid into a stroller  and go, go, go.  It will help so much.
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Yeah i Have heard of that before i just never have the energy. im constantly tired as well lol BUT i am willing to try anything. and my sister and i have already been planning on getting a work out program going.
Thanks. Ill try it out. Hope it works. =]

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