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sending my daughter to daycare .....

so i am a sahm right now... but i was thinking of sending my daughter to daycare one or two times a week just so she can socialize with the other kids..  do you think thats a good idea? she just get much socialization at home with kids her own age so i thought maybe it might do her some good to go to daycare so she could learn some socialization skills.. plus with me being pregnant i know im gonna need a break from time to time and this would give me that break.. my mom thinks its a ridiculous idea since i stay at home with her why would i send her to daycare.. i told her i want her to start interacting with other kids her own age... to try and prepare her for the new baby's arrival.. my best friend has a little girl about aubree's age and she comes over and they play but aubree is so mean to her.. she steals her toys.. trys to hit her.. its aweful..  so i was hoping if i sent her to like a head start/ daycare type of thing that it would help her out a little bit.
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While I was going to College to get my Education Degree, I worked at a Daycare my whole four years and loved it!  I think it is a great way for kids to learn to be interactive with other children, it also gives them a good foundation for establishing a routine scheduled for later in life.  I am not saying that your child or anyone else's child that stays home cannot acquire these skills by any means, I am just saying that when there are great number of other children around it makes it more like  a "school setting"

Do you have any Mother's Day Out Programs in your home town?? I know these are a very flexible way for Mommy' s to let their children go to a "daycare setting" for a few days a week.

This is such a personal decision. By the way I think you are very lucky that you get to spend so much time with your daughter!!!!! She always going to remember that and as will you!  

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I think it's a really good idea ESPECIALLY because you are pregnant. I feel like I am going to loose it some days, it is hard work taking care of a 2 year old and being pregnant. It's going to be even harder taking care of a 2 year old and a newborn ahhhhh
I would do it with Noah if we had the money.
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I think it is a fantastic thing-  my MIL kept both of my kids until they were 18 months old, and I loved that they didn't have to be in a daycare all day long that little, but I did the same thing you are talking about-  both of the kids did Mother's Day Out twice a week-  it is only about 5 hours a day or so-  from like 9:30 til 2:30, but it gives them the social interaction and helps them adjust to you not being around...  plus, as you said,  it gives you a break, and in my case it gave my 72 year old mother-in-law a break!  
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There are other options other than daycare too...there are moms and tots programs (which wouldn't give you the break but it would give her the socialization), nursery and pre-school programs (they start usually at age 2 or 3, depending on your area), fitness programs (like moms and tots swimming, gymboree, etc.). I tend to gravitate towards these programs over daycare, however, a good daycare one day a week can also have its benefits too. Be prepared the more they are out and about, the more their immune system will face things- it'll make them stronger-but for the first little while in daycare, most kids do end up sick pretty frequently before their bodies adjust to the things going around. If you want to go a different route than daycare, I would consider playgroups, but there is nothing wrong with a day or two a week if it gives you a bit of a break too.
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If you need a break you need one but socialization should not be a reason to go to day care.  There are many mommy groups that you can find to go together with your child and play with other kids while you are with other moms.  


here is one site where you can connect to a chapter of stay at home mom's in your area and have playdates and other things for you and your children to do.  

I think we as a society have been brain washed to believe that day care is actually beneficial to our children when the reality is that being at home is almost always better unless the mother is disfunctional.  I know I will get a lot of backlash on this.(part of the brainwashing :) )  but the truth is you can have your child socialize while you are there guiding your child, there for every ouchie, showing your child your morals and values and feeling your love at every moment.  A day care cannot do this for you.  I am not a SHAM right now.. my dh is home.. and I have also had my kids in day care out of necessity but at no time did I fool myself into thinking it was in their best interest to be there.  

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See the only thing is we don't have any mommy groups or places like that where i live ( very small town) we only have 2 whole day care centers in our area...  i think that it would be beneficial for aubree to get to experience what it is like to have lots of other kids around her ( her own age)... she can get the best of both worlds.. she gets that extra time at home with mommy teaching her new things and giving her lots of attention and love and get to have the experience of being with lots of kids her age.  my cousin never put her daughter into daycare and she didn't get much socialization with kids her own age and now she is having a tough time socializing with kids now that she is in kindergarten.. and i do not want that to happen to Aubree.. she gets some socialization at my house but i think it would benefit her to go one day a week and get to experience that.
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I think having her go to daycare to be around other kids is a good idea.  You don't live in an area where playgroups seem to be an option.  
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I was going to suggest Mother's Day Out too but it doesn't sound like that is an option where you live. My mom and MIL watch Avery everyday when I work (I have summers off) but starting this summer she is going to go to Mother's Day Out 1 day a week. I do take her to a gym class 1 night a week and also a swim class during the summer. Are there any classes where you live? Mother's Day Out will give my mom a little break during the school year. Check with your local churches to see if they have a MDO program.
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how old is your little one?  they really don't socialize and "play" with other kids until around 2 1/2, 3 so you could hold off until then and then have her start a pre school
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Hey girl! I think it's an excellent idea! Babies can socialize at a surprising young age.... and if it's gonna help you do your things and give you a little break from time to time, there's nothing wrong with that, when you are preggers ;)

Maddie has been in daycare since she was very little (unfortunately for me because we couldn't afford me being a SAHM), but it always gave exposure to other babies, other kids and other adults, which in turn, now she is a social butterfly! she absolutely loooooves her daycare now, as soon as we get there and she sees all those kids around her she wants down to play with them, she offers them her toys, she screams in joy and giggles when other kids play peekaboo with her.

We always took her out to the malls every weekend too, so she always saw people. She doesn't mind someone else hold her (or almost no one.... a person with a beard... or darker skin might stop her a little... but we are working on that! =)).

Now, based on our experience, you almost gotta be VERY picky and find a SUPER good daycare center. I am not generalizing here, but what we've gone thru with babysitters have been pretty bad.... so now we are super content with the daycare she's at!, the lady is super loving... the teachers are super good, they have 'built in' preschool and they give them meals and snacks that are healthy and nutricious for them.

I know it'll be tough at first for her... maybe try to bring her to daycare and stay with her a couple of hours to let her know that even when there's 'strangers' around, you're still there... and little by little shorten the time you stay there with her... until she gets comfortable with it?? that's what I do with Maddie... of course with this last one, she just forgot about mommy and went straight to the toys area and started offering her toys to the other kids... they were scared of her! lol

*PS. you can always make a trip south and bring her over! lol we'd love to have you guys here!
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I think daycare is a fabulous idea.  My son started going the day before his first birthday.  He learned sooo much there and I think it's really great for him to be around other kids all day.  I took him out when my preemie came home from the hospital so that he wouldn't bring home any germs.  He's been out of daycare since the middle of March...but I will probably put him back in next year.  He knew soo many words that I didn't even know he knew!  His 2nd bday is today, and he's been putting FIVE words together for at least 2 months now.  Granted, I don't think every kid in daycare talks that well...but I know that he did learn a lot there...
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My daughter has been in day care since she was 3 months old. I wish I could have stayed home with her longer but the bills were adding up and I had no choice. I do feel as if it was the best thing I could have done for her. She in 13 months old now and LOVES going. Her social skills are amazing and she has learned alot from the older kids there. She was walking at 10 months old and her vocab for her age is really good. I can't help but think that it has something to do with day care. I have her at an in home daycare 3 days a week which I prefer to the big places and it's like one big family there. She was doing art projects at 5 months for me.  She even cries sometimes when she has to leave her little friends (too cute). You will see how much your little one benefits in a short time. GOOD LUCK!!! (remember to do a back ground check on the place first)
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i think aubree would love it.. we live right beside an elementary school and everyday at 3 .. she goes to the door and watches ( and screams) at the kids as they go by.. she loves other kids.. so i think she would love to go even if its only for one day a week.. she is such a fast learner already.. she rolled over at 3 months.. sitting up at 4 1/2 months crawling at 6 1/2 mths and started walking at 10 months... so i think she is a little advanced and could benefit from doing more activites at the daycare.. we do alot at home too .. but she doesn't get the socialization that i think she really does need.  i am gonna call around and see what i can get her into..  
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Good job momma!!! great decision! she will learn social skills in NO time! as advanced as she is. She will benefit not only from socializing with other kiddos, but learning other things that sometimes at home they don't. Teachers are EXPERTS! and in a good daycare, she will be like a little sponge, it's so cute when they do things to immitate older kids they see... at home, they wouldn't learn that because they don't have older siblings. =)

I know Aubs is a genious baby! she will be just fine Ang. =)
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