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should newborn sleep in bedroom or living room?

i feel like im constantly bugging you guys. lol its hard being a new mom. :(
so ive been putting baby girl (month old) in her bassinet to sleep so that she wont use the boppy pillow as a bed anymore and she gets used to her bassinet. she used to nap in the living room with all the noise of the day and sleep 2-3 hours. but her naps have only been1-2hrs long now and i can hear her wakng up very often. shes good at falling asleep by her self but i dont feel like shes getting good enough sleep, so she will fall right back to sleep ive been trying to sleep when she sleeps since she wakes up to eat every 2 hours but she wakes up after 30min so im not getting much sleep. am i confusing her by putting her in our quiet room during the day? she can still see the light from outside and hear some stuff around the house. should i let her sleep in the living room like i had been doing for naps before? or does she just need to get used to it?
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I would say if she is the type to fall asleep to the noise, then you might want to try white noise and let her sleep in the bassinet listening to the white noise. Babies are often comforted by the steady sounds of background noise, talking, the radio/tv, etc. Or just keep it consistent that she is in her bassinet and wheel it out into the living room during the day. It is better that they get used to one location rather than an actual room at this point.
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definitely stick to the bassinet, especially because allowing the baby to sleep in a boppy is dangerous. I remember this got a lot of attention when my first was a newborn (a little over 2 years ago). I hadn't realized it until someone brought it to my attention and I read up on it. Her naps may be shorter because she's a little older. Also, if laying flat is uncomfortable for her and she did OK on an incline, she may have reflux. Look for patterns or signs of discomfort and if you suspect anything, speak to your ped. I agree with the white noise too.
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I too would use the bassinet - keep it in it's usual location next to your bed and she will make the association between sleeping and being in it very soon. My Lo (6 mths old) loves hers and seems to know it's sleep-time when she goes in it... probably because I have done this since she was very young. If you use a good, sensitive baby monitor that will amplify sound, you will hear her better from the baby monitor if you need to go to different rooms while she naps. You aren't doing anything wrong putting her upstairs at a month old, even though she seems so young.
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yeah the boppy pillow is actually a cuddle u and it has one of those straps in it so she cant sink down. thats the only reason i allow her to use it during the day when im around her. she does have an inclined positioner in her bassinet at night though. its just very difficult to move the bassinet out bc its a playpen and doesnt fit through my door ways very easily. i dont think its reflux, she never spits up and rarely burps. i do have a really good moniter so im not worried about not being able to hear it. i guess i just need to get a fan or something to make noise. she does well when i have the vibration on in her bassinet. it does make a little bit of noise so im sure that helps but it turns off automatically after an hr so she always wakes up when it turns off.
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My boys were bad sleepers & it was just a blessing to get sleep- I found they  did better in the living room around sounds, I stuck with what worked.  I would do what works for baby- mine couldn't sleep in the bassinet- needed to be inclined.  Cam has terrible acid reflux & had to sleep in his carseat of bouncy chair.  I slept in the living room too for a few months as the colic kept us up all night for awhile, plus the vomiting was bad- so I found it best to keep him elevated as the Dr. warned me.  Good luck, hopefully more sleep for you soon.
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ive been putting her in her bassinet for naps, and now she needs to be in that room to sleep. i guess thats awesome but i hope she will still be able to sleep when we go out lol.
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