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signs of pregnancy????

ok...I started a cycle on 9/4/2006 then on 9/29/2006 I had very light bleeding not anything like I usually do. My cycles are usually very consistent in that they start the same day every month. Ok. Well for the last week or so I have noticed that my breast are bigger. They are not sore or anything just bigger. I am not tired. However, I stay at home, I don't work or anything and I sleep pretty late. So I don't know if I would be tired like in my other pregnancys. Could I be pregnant?
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If you don't think the bleeding on 9/29 was AF, then take a HPT. It would be accurate by now. However, if that bleeding was AF, then it's too soon to test.
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I orderd some tests and when they come in I will take it. I am just getting alittle ...hmmm...crazy...I really want another baby. I have 2 girls a 2 and 4 year old. I have had 2 m/c this year and if I am pregnant I really want it to work. Thanks for your comments.
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hi everyone I am 9 days post IUI. and This wait of not knowing is killing me, so hopefully someone can answer a few quesitons for me. 1) my boobs are huge, and hard near the areola. not typical for me., 2. everytime i stand up i get twinges in my right lower abdomen, right in the pelvic area. my cervical mucous has been pretty steady since the IUI, went from egg white, to lotiony to watery, never dried up,. last month after IUI I was very dry then went to pasty cm, but my cervix is low and moist, half way between hard and mushy, could I be pregnant or is AF ready to rear her ugly head. thanks for any help
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I felt more pregnant all the months that I wasn't, now that I am pregnant, I wonder if everything is ok, cuz, I haven't had any symptoms. Occassionally I find myself a little queasy and tired, but nothing like I remember w/ my 2 boys. I am only about 5 wks.
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You really need to open your own thread with your question and not post on someone else's question...it's confusing plus it means that people get distracted away from the original poster's questions. It could be construed as a tad rude...sorry.
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well excuse me i thought this thread was signs of pregnancy??? am I Not allowed to post a question.,
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