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sleep position

what is the best sleeping position. Ive tried lying on my back and my right side but i cant sleep s i get terrible heartburn and have to sit up all nite. If i lie on my left side i feel pulling on my stomach its like as if my baby doesnt like my lying on my left side and she makes it very uncomfortable for me. Most nite i sleep sat up, so i went and bought a V-shaped pillow and found it more comfy but its starting to give me cronic backache through the day. Is there anything i can do to try and get a good nite sleep.
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Sleeping on your side is actually supposed to be the best; lying on your back is supposed to be risky in cutting off oxygen supply.  Is there something in your diet you might be able to change to avoid the heartburn?  Or perhaps you can try to remain on your left side and see if the baby shifts positions and you'll be more comfortable.  Good luck. Hope you get some nice sleep soon.
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I tried changing my diet i stopped eating anything that contained fat or acid but it didnt work, i even tried not eating after a certain time but that didnt work, the doc gave me everything to help with the heartburn but it didnt work either, so i think i will just have to live with it untill the baby is born.
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