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sleeping pattern for a newborn

my baby is 23 days old and i am having hard time mke my baby sleep through the night or at least sleep for couple hours, he sleeps during the day. my other problem is that he is gaining too much weight, he gained 1 pound and 3 oz in 6 days, the doctor told me to limit feeding to 8 times in 24 hours, but my baby is being hungry nd crying too much, h doesn't want pacifier, what do you think i should do?
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Newborns hardly ever sleep through the night... usually they start between 2-3 months.. so I would try just napping when he naps. Also I have always belived in feeding babys on demand. How much is he eating ?? Hope everything works out! Sorry I couldnt be of much help...
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he eats almost 12 times, and i am doing it on demand, the doctor want me to put him on schedule like every 3 hours, his problem is he does not stay for too long on my breast he does only 10 min on one breast and he goes to sleep, and what so ever i do to wak him up he doesn't. he then wake up after 1 hour to resume.
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be proud of that weight gain- not worried! it won't last. the first few weeks dd was gaining a pound a week. it slows down. i would not put him on a schedule, and i am surprised to hear any doctor suggest that this day in age. it's what my mom was told to do over 20 years ago, but these days most peds recommend on demand, especially for breastfed babies.

feeding 12 times averages to every 2 hours, which is very very normal for a newborn. however, if you want to make a change, instead of putting him on a schedule you can try to slightly space the feeds if possible. does he take a pacifier? if so, you can see if that can help delay one nursing session by a bit. hopefully he'll be a little hungrier and feed longer. (if he's not on a pacifier, ask a ped or someone else since i don't know if that would cause nipple confusion).

and i agree with girl- it's very rare for a baby that young to sleep a long stretch. if he has days and nights confused you can try to reverse it. be sure not to stimulate him at all or play with him when he wakes at night. dd started to sleep 5 hour stretches after 4 months. until then she still woke to eat even during the night every 2-3 hours.
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You poor thing. I would say, go with the flow. The Dr.'s don't know "your" baby. If he's hungry because he didn't eat that long earlier, let him eat. I wouldn't worry about too much weight gain, but that's just me.  He may have trapped burps, burp him often. Does he have reflux or a lot of spitting up? Newborns sleep a lot during the day and like to be up at night and eat! :) Good Luck!
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GREAT JOB!!  Your pedi should be praising you for that weight gain on breastmilk.. mine did.

Ava slept through the night earlier than most, but she slept minimal during the day.  Babies are sooo different, it's hard to say what you could do.
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i did try with the breast and it didnt work she sucked so hard i would bleed from my nipple. so good job for that. and as for the sleeping throw the night, i dont mean to be rude but i giggled at that. my baby girl was 10&1/2 months old before she started. and at 14&1/2months she still wakes up like 2xs a month. so good luck.
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Your doctor is nuts...your baby should be gaining the most weight in the beginning.  Keep feeding on demand.  Babies tend to eat more frequently when they are breastfed so be prepared to wake multiple times in the night.  Once your baby is older you can get your baby used to feeding more during the day so that he takes the most calories during the day and may not need to feed as much during the night.  Unfortunately, this early on you can't really teach them night from day.  My son started sleeping through the night by 2 months but it is still very random.  You will get hit with growth spurts, teething, illness...so it's never consistent.  It only lasts a short while so hang in there.
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i am very proud of my self because he is already 10 pounds at 3 weeks he was 7 lbs 7 oz, but the doctor scared me, i am very happy because we had a succesfull experience with breast feeding although i pump for him sometimes and he takes the bottle he did not get nipple confusion, he takes the pacifier sometimes.
KELLYN, yes he spit up too much and sometimes he become blue from chocking. the doctor said that is because of overfeeding.....
so you are telling me  not to hope that he will start to sleep through the night soon. ok! I have to deal with that, I have no problem I will be up at night and sleep during the day.
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my only suggestion would be to try and keep the baby up as much as you can during the day he probably has his days and nights confused i thought my daughter was going to do the same thing because she sleeps alot during the day she turned 3 weeks old on tuesday and is sleeping through the night infact it seems like all she does is sleep. i try to give her her last bottle at about 11-11:30 and as long as she is swaddled real good she will sleep till about 6 wake up for a bottle and go back to sleep till about 9 or 10. another way to help him if he does have his days and nights mixed up is to not keep it to quiet during the day and don't let him sleep for more then 2 hours at a time. my daughter is breastfed and instead of nursing her right before bed  i will pump and give it to her through the bottle so i know how much she is eating.  
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I have to respectfully disagree with keeping a 3 week old up during the day.  They need their sleep right now for brain development.  They sleep a lot regardless of day or night right now because that's what they do.  I found it impossible to get my son to wake during the day but he eventually slept straight though by 2 months.  I believe eventually her baby will adjust to night and day but he is still very young for that.
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Hi, I just had my baby girl on July 6. She also weighs 7 pounds 7 ounces like your son did. I took him yesterday to her pediatrician and it's only been 10 days and weighs already 8 pounds and 1 ounce and grew from 19 inches to 20 inches now. I think you are doing a great job at feeding your son on demand. I have never heard of a doctor saying to limit his intake. That's ridiculous! I have been pumping my milk since breastfeeding directly was so painful. How did you do it? Did it ever hurt or did the pain go away?
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I agree that babies don't keep gaining that much weight.  DS gained over 6 lbs in his 5 weeks of life and the dr was VERY PLEASED.  Now he gains 2 lbs a month on average.  They do slow down gaining that much weight.  I wouldn't worry about the weight.  Keep nursing on demand.  I know it's exhausting but at the same time, it tells you to slow down during the day.  DS is 4 months old and I still enjoy breastfeeding him b/c I get to stop running around doing house chores.  Do rest when he's sleeping/napping.  He's still so young to be sleeping through the night.  DS started sleeping 5 hours at night when he was 6 weeks old.  Good luck.
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it did hurt at the begining, so i tried to pump before i give the breast to him, my nipple was so tender and that is what hurt me at most, i felt that my nipple will fall off,but we are doing fine now, i have the medela pump in advance it is great but i don't find time to pump, he is eating all the time, how often do you pump, if i pump between feeding i only get 2 oz, is this good?
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The ideal time to pump they say is after a feed. You may not get a lot but it will stimulate it for the next feeding.  2oz is great! The more you feed and pump the more you will get. It comes to the point where your body figures out the feeding schedule and makes enough for it. So, not much extra it seems. I usually pump an hour after a feed because I never know when my little man will eat again!
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i personally dont like it when pediatricians say that the baby is too big for his or her age. my daughter was born 8lbs and 2oz. the doctor said that shes above average with her weight and height . he said that for a whole year. noone else believed that he said that. she looked very normal. if anything, she needed to gain weight everyone thought. she was just tall. now, i have a three year old who is lean and tall like shes always been. i didnt care what the pediatrican said about her weight. i fed her what i believed she needed. she turned out perfect and fine. i am not saying dont listen to your doctor. i am sayng that your baby will get what she needs.
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I agree with everyone saying about your pediatrician being a little ... crazy? lol Mine is too, don't worry.. But that weight gain is wonderful! Mine gained about a pound a week for a while, while breastfed as well.

I think the choking and turning blue is from some form of reflux, not over-feeding. As long as it's only spit-up and he's not actually vomitting (that is exactly what mine did to let me know I fed him too much) you should be fine! every 2 hours or so is definitely not unheard of with nursing. Just as long as there is at LEAST 2 hours between feedings. 2-3 hours in between is ideal in the beginning, as they get a little older that time generally goes up to about 3-4 hours.

I would tell you to talk with your doctor about the reflux/choking but it doesn't seem she would listen to you! Perhaps a new ped. is in order. Regardless of her, though... Just remember to blow a little puff of air into his face if he cannot catch his breathe during choking to hopefully avoid him from turning blue (and probably scaring the cra p out of you). This makes them instinctively take a breathe. Seems to do the trick. And keep the bulb syringe handy in case the milk gets into his nose. And perhaps try getting him to sit up in a more upright position while feeding. I know that's hard while nursing but just let his bottom rest a little lower so he's not laying flat, should help with the choking.

Good luck! :)
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I know this is completely OT but can I say how proud of you I am.  You sound like such an expert at being a mommy now.  Keep up the great work.
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