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so i dont no if my water broke or tore.. i need help.. im not havin contractions? ugh so scared..

I have a question for anyone with experience.  I have had discharge now for a about a month.But since last night an today I had soaked panties and a circle of wet on my shorts too.  its only around the crotch area an its not like pouring but its pretty wet? an i dunno it has no smell to it an its clear.. I am wondering.  Should it look or smell weird if it is my waters?  Should I be having contractions? because im not having contractions . Im only 17 an my doctor said i could go anytime because of my age an its more likely to have him early... im jus scared i dont no what to do,.. should i call the hospital an ask them? Should I wait and see if contractions start? like  Baby is still moving.  
any one with experience please & thanks
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i would say go to L&D and they will do a test that it will tell you if its your water. How far are you?? i was 17 with my son and i had him at 36 weeks (mostly because of my age. keep me updated
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You need to go to L& D and have them test to see if it's your amniotic fluid.  No you would not necessarily have contractions if you have a tear in your amniotic sac.  You do need to know though becuase once the amniotic sac is compromised you are at greater risk for infection.  It could be that the baby is causing pressure on your bladder and it's urine leaking, but becuase you say it has no smell you really need to get it checked.  It's better safe than sorry.  
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I was like that when i was pregnant (i was 19 at the time). Honestly i didn't even feel it. My mom actually mentioned it to me. She thought i had peed myself too but i don't really know why it happened. Definitely ask your doctor about it at your next appointment. I am curious as to why it happens.
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yea im 17 an i think i might just go an get checked out. its funny cause i jus went to my doctors an when i left that night it happens haha
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thank you everyone:)
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my water broke and i never went into labor...no contractions....it felt like i couldnt stop peeing...i called my ob and they said to go in and get checked out...always better to be safe than sorry...turns out it was my water and with no contractions they had to induce my labor

i have heard that when your water breaks it has a sweet smell

best of luck to you
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yea but its not like alot. it is like aa little but it dont stop? if that makes sense its doesnt leak or nothin it jus feel wet an gets on my underwear but i no its not discharge like everyone is tryin to tell me bc i no wat discharge iss.
but thank you:) im callin my doctor todayy to make am appt.
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I think that's a wise idea.  Your water doesn't necessarily have to "break" and cause a constant trickle.  If you have a small hole or tear in your amniotic sac it could be just enough leaking out that you don't feel it but it gets your panties wet.  It's ALWAYS better safe than sorry. Get it checked as soon as possible.  If it IS your amniotic fluid..the longer your amniotic sac is compromised, the more you risk infection which can harm you AND the baby.
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iam 37weeks and i have had the samething but i got mine checked and it wasn't water! sometimes the baby pushes on ur bladder and it didn't smell either that is why i didn't think it was pee!
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Thank you yea now there sayin i cant come to monday to get checked! uugh
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Oh im 36 weeks now, an thats atleast nice to no its a possiblility thats its not. thank you:)
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I guess I don't get this, you thought your water broke so you called to get an appt & they cannot get you in until Monday?  Did you explain the water thing to them, at 36 weeks you would be probably okay to go, but anytime you think your water has broke you need to get in.  If it had broken, you could be at ris for getting an infection, could be going into labor...my Dr. had told me to go to the hospital if it broke on my own, they can check the fluid.  If it breaks, even a small trickle will continue, not go away so you would notice it.  Mine at some point began to gush when I bent down as the baby was not "corking" the cervix, so when I bent down to clean it up it went everyhwere, but it is different for everyone.  Get to the hospital or into the clinic TODAY if it continues.
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Okay  thank youu i might go to the hospital an see if they can check for it im waitin for my boyfriends mom to get home an take me
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