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sonogram at 6 weeks???

Well, it is now 15 days and I am still spotting.  Just got my levels checked and they are exactly where they should be.  I am going for my first sonogram tomorrow to find out the gest. age.  I am soo worried that I won't see anything.  Has anyone gotten a sonogram at 6 weeks.  What did you see?
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I just had one done today at what we think is close to 6 weeks and all I saw was a very tiny sac.  We are still not sure how far along I am because my doctor thinks I ovulated late in my cycle.  Good luck and don't get to stressed out if they don't see anything.  It is still very early and everyone's body is different.  Some woman see only a sack at 6 weeks and some see everything with the heart beat. I will be thinking of you.
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Thank you!  I guess I will just have to play a waiting game until we know more.  I just want to be able to get excited, it's so hard.
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I understand.  I have a 19month old daughter and everyone went so smooth with that pregnancy ,besides high blood pressure at the end.  I am not use to things not going normal.  I am scard to death of a miscarriage.  I figure it is God's hands and he will do what is best for me.
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Raurie-- I am seven weeks

I have had bleeding for three weeks, but my baby continues to be strong! He/she grew as expected, and has a strong heartbeat. I can say that I don't only have spotting, I have BLEEDING with clots and everything.

Finally, they discovered two things...1. I have a polyp on my cervix (which was the cause of some very heavy periods)

The second thing is a sub chroionic bleed, which is quite common, and most times, not a danger to the baby! I am telling you--I was scared to death!
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I had a sonogram done on January 11th.  I found out I was 6wks 0days.I saw two big sacs with two little poles in them.I heard the heartbeats of both of them BABY A and BABY B...120bpm and 118bpm.  I wish you nothing but the best.  This is my first pregnancy and I am scared to death but I am putting everything in God's hands and you should do the same!
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