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still born after car accident

Still born a week after car accident but apparently ok at the time. ------ My wife and I were involved in a small car accident. We were hit head on while stopped at a stop sign, my wife was 36 weeks pregnant in the passenger seat with her seat belt on. The collision was serious enough to damage our SUV 6K in damage but the airbags did not go off. After the accident we went to the hospitol for monitoring and after 4 hours were released. Not quite a week later while at the OBGYN the doctor couldnt find his heart beat and he was delivered still a day later. His autopsy showed nothing but could the doctor have missed a small Placenta Abruption? If anyone has any answers or help I would love your help. thank you so much
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I'm sorry for the loss of your child.  With a placental abruption there would have been bleeding and it is highly unlikely that the Dr wouldn't have been able to diagnosis that.  You will never know if the accident had anything to do with the still birth.   Please don't be hard on yourself or your wife- there wasn't anything you could do to prevent it.
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I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I dont have any advice but wanted to let you know that your family and angel baby will be in my prayers. I have lost two children and although it was during 1st trimster miscarriages the pain will always be with me. I hope your wife and family are holding up okay. The only thing you can do is reassure her that nothing she did made it her fault and be an ear that she can talk to. Good luck to you and sorry again to hear the sad news.

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