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still leaking urine after baby

i just had a baby on 5-27-09 and while i was prego i had some urine leakage, i know that is normal and i just thought after i had the baby it would go away.  Well not quite yet.  I went to the doc 2 wks ago and was dx with a uti.  So i was for sure my symptoms would go away after i  finished up the antibiotic.  NO... Im still having to use panty liners and everything.  What should i do?  How long is this going to last for?.  I already dont feel sexy trying to loose all this baby weight but now this..  Please help
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I had it after my son was born but it only happened when I sneezed or occasionally when I coughed.  I told my dr about it and she said to do kegel exercises and when I go pee to start and stop the flow several times.  She said this would strengthen the pelvic muscle.  
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are you nursing??  your hormones don't go back to totally normal until after you have stopped nursing.  Your ligaments and tendons will still be loose until then and I am guessing that could also cause some leakage.
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i would suggest doing pelvic floor at least 10-20aday thats what my midwife has always said to help tighten the ,muscles again :)
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hello was reading your notes and my suggestion is this what i got told at a ann summers party once you buy these JIGGLE BALLS and they help with leaking of urine. You do insert them but you pelvic muscles are holding them in place and strengthening them up and the stronger them muscle get the less you have to worry about pantys and sneezing etc you can wear them doing house hold jobs day to day activties. But they arent a sex toy and you can buy them from ann summers and they are 10pounds they have a online shop too, Hope this helps.
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