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tilted uterus

I had my annual pap test yesterday - I went to a different clinic and they told me that I had a tilted uterus (how my last dr missed this, or just didn't tell me, i'm not sure). She told me that i can still get pg, but it may take awhile - bummer! :(
Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else has this and if there is anything that I can do to help my chances of conceiving.
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I have a tilted uterus too.  It took us 8 months to conceive, but I really blame that on my semi-irregular cycle.  Once I was able to O earlier, I got pregnant right away.
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I was told I had a tilted cervex and I had no problem conceiving.  I read that delivery may have to be a c-section but sometimes the baby can turn it back to normal and delivery will be fine.
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Whew - your posts made me feel a lot better - thank you! So other than the regular obessive :) ttc methods, there is nothing special that I need to do whil bd'ing?

boogaloo - you said yours didn't cause your m/c, but does anyone know if it can? I've had two and was wondering if this could possibly cause them? I tried researching it, and I read somewhere that it makes it harder for implantation - and can cause chemical pg. Just wondering...

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Hi - aww, thanks for thinking of me!! :) It feels great to know others are wondering how i'm doing...

Isn't it amazing how some drs can miss something so simple? It took my new dr about 5 seconds to tell me this and I've been going to my last one for 5 years and she never said anything - even when she knew I was ttc. I guess that's not as bad as you having to be in labor for so long though - when you could have just had the c-section. Don't you just love drs sometimes? :)

Well, other than that - and my cold that I'm FINALLY getting over - I'm doing pretty good! I'm really looking forward to Christmas (and a few days off from work!). I haven't been on as much as usual - how is everything going for you? I think I remember reading about your last appt - you are about 25 wks, right? It's getting closer!! :o)
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I have had 3 this year and my dr said absolutely not could this have caused mine...it is risky after 12-13 weeks if it doesn't straighten on its own but my m/c were all before 9 weeks.

I think they said 90% of the time it straightens itself out to support the weight of the baby after 13 weeks...if not there is something the drs can do to help it.
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good to know - thank you! I guess it's just something to make sure my dr is watching after i get pg. I'm glad it's not as big of a deal as I thought. I was feeling pretty bad yesterday, thinking that there was a reason this whole time for my trouble ttc and I didn't know it. I feel a lot better today after hearing from you ladies.

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