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treatment for bpa symptoms

My seven year old son is quite "hyperactive."  He was fed with Avent bottles as a child.  Is there a way to treat bpa poisoning?  
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It would not seem feasible that he's been poisoned by bpa.  He might have been exposed to minute amounts, but there's a big difference between that and "poisoning".
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I believe that they found that BPA is only a small amount of the bottles hence the reason they haven't been recalled. What does your Ped say?
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What do you mean "hyperactive"?  Many children are hyperactive?  Some have ADHD and are actually diagnosed with it, and other children are just normal children with a ton of energy.
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He's more likely to be affected by t.v. watching than by bottles.
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Check the latest reports on BPA at Consumer Affairs and find out the truth about BPA, they have no axe to grind.
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BPA I did not hear causes that, I know it can cuse other things but it has been taken off the market. Not eating a balanced diet, watching TV and eating lots of juices and sweets is more reason to be hyperactive then BPA! Also not having a good routine of eating at a table and going to bed at a good time is a casue of being hyperactive. I do not think you will get anywhere with a ped or natural dr on that issue. My  family sees a homeophathic dr and we go all natural. Refined sugars and bleached flours and diet is the main casue of ADHD and hyperactive in children. I would look into that for him! Best of luck
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