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trying to get pregnant immediately after having a baby

Almost six weeks ago my husband and i lost a baby to congenital diaphragmatic hernia. i had a natural birth and went home two days later. when i went for my six week check up my doctor strongly suggested that we wait three months to try again. i have spoken to other OB/GYN's who have said that i do not have to wait and that there are no connections to problems later on with giving birth to two children within the same year. i want to know if i really should listen to my doctor or go with my gut and my emotional state and start trying as soon as possible. that being the case, if i do decide to immediately try again is it possible to get pregnant before getting my first period. and around when (in terms of stopping to bleed) does a woman start ovulating?
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The reason some dr's say to wait is because your uterus needs time to heal.  

I've had three miscarriages now.  Each one had different suggested wait time.  The last one was in March.  I lost a baby girl to down's syndrome at 13 weeks 6 days.  My ob said to wait 3 cycles because of the size of the fetus.  Some women here have become pregnant right away after miscarriage.  Some have had successful, some go on to miscarry again.  Unfortunately there are not guarantees.  

You and your husband need to decide what is best for the two of you.  I certainly understand that "need" to replace that pregnancy.  I've also learned that I really need to heal before becoming pregnant again.  

I am currently pregnant now.  I waited my three cycles.  I'm scared to death.  I want to enjoy the pregnancy but really can't because I have no idea if my baby is alive or dead inside of me.  I'll find out Wednesday but that doesn't mean the baby will stay alive in me.  My last two babies were heard and seen several times but still died.

Ultimately, the two of you have to decide what is best for your family.  It's not an easy decision.  I'm truly sorry about your loss.

Good luck
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I also wanted to mention that it is possible to ovulate right away after miscarriage.  I didn't ovulate for the first two months after my miscarriage though.  It's all dependent on your body.
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thank you very much for your comments and i hope that your baby is healthy. what my worry is if dr's give a wait time on mc's is it even more so for women who carried full term and lost their babies. thats the case with me. i carried a baby full term but he just happened to have been very sick. so when you say the size of the baby is that b/c the baby was big enough to replete you of your nutrients and the body just has to build that up again. i just want to have another baby and this time have him/her be healthy so i can hold a live baby in my arms. i have never mcd before being that this was my first pregnancy so i dont know what it is going to be like if i do in fact mc. when i spoke to another dr she told me that 14% of women mc for one reason or another and it doesnt mean its  bc i didnt wait to get pg. i just dont know what to do. thats the problem when you get diff medical opinions.
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I think that it's a combination of the nutrients and the fact that the lining of the uterus has weekend.

A woman that I work with lost her baby at 38 weeks due to a cord accident last July.  She did get pregnant again in October.  Unfortunately that baby had a heart condition.  She delivered him at 27 weeks and his lungs collapsed.  The issues were not related to waiting or not waiting.  It was just horrible circumstance.

I really am very sorry that you are going through all of this.  It's been difficult enough with the miscarriages at the stages I've been at, I can't even imagine losing one that far along.  Whatever you choose, I hope that everything works out well.  Please keep us posted.
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i've lost my baby boy in january 18.he was born 8 monts old in january 5 and had diaphragmatic hernia, also sepsys.he was operated after 3 days from birth and lived only 13 days.I thought i would die together with him but i'm still alive.i'm scared to death but i plan to have another baby too but only after 2 years...my doctor adviced me to do an analysis and find out if it's genetically conditiond,doctors should tell me %-s of possibility to have baby with same problems.i was adviced also to drink folium acid before i decide to get pregnant.well i will wait before i'll be ready to became mom once again but i wish to have healthy baby this time,i will die if it happens to me again.i have only two photos of him
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