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trying to get pregnant!!!

Hey ladies, me and my fiance have been trying to get the bun in the oven lol. Currently the last time I had my period was March 23 it lasted around 6-7 days I am very irregular my periods always come on different time of the month. I had sex April 11 and he came in me as well as April 16... I know it might be tooo soon but I feel cramps and I've been really disgusted by the smell and taste of eggs. I don't know if its all in my head or can I be pregnant!? Does anyone know or has anyone gone through this lol Is currently April 19 and I'm supposed to get my period this week according to my app on my phone Hopefully I dont get my period I will keep you updated! Also in case I do I purchased some ovulation's sticks so I can try them out maybe they will help. But does anyone have any tips incase I get this stupid period this month! Ugh help!!!!! I hope I don't get my periid.
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First off stop trying!!!!
With my first it took 2 years to conceive for my second it took 3 years and for my third well lets just say it was a surprise. Each time i came up pregnant it was because my husband said if you are not pregnant by the end of the year then we will adopt. Throw away all of the charts and pressure and just enjoy each other. It will happen when ot is supposed to happen.
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Hey so my mother is like a pro on the whole baby thing she even thinks that she knows the secrets on how to get pregnant along with how to get pregnant with either a boy or girl. So it all has to do with tracking your periods because when you do end up becoming pregnant they go back to you first day of last period for the conception date. Once you gather like three months of date meaning dates of periods then you can figure out what kind of cycle you actually have some have a 28 day cycle some have a 31 day cycle me, I have a 30 day cycle, but once you have that figured out there are these calculators on the net called ovulation calculators that will give you the best dates to actually try and get pregnant on. And if you want to have a girl let's say, my mom told me girls are slower swimmers so try and have intercourse during the beginning of your ovulation dates rather then later. I don't no how accurate my mother is but she did her research because like I said she is obsessed with the whole baby thing plus she has 5 of us and wants more lol or she is always trying to convince me along with younger sister and one of my brothers to have kids lol and also sometimes more sex is bad. Try giving it a day inbetween intercourse so his lil swimmers have time to regather there momentum so when he does *** in you that you are able to get them all and they are all on there A game... Keep trying
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