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I was suppose to be part of twins and my other half was never born because I was getting all the nutrition so it couldnt develop I was wondering even we never met or had a connection could the part of my twin not being born with me cause me to feel  lonely like there was something missing?
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Oh for sure. I think that is something real that you are feeling and I have heard that is what can happen in situations like yours.
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If you want to read on this idea, there are websites devoted to the topic --  they call it being a "twinless twin."  It sounds like you were part of an identical pair rather than a fraternal pair.  If there is anything to the phenomena at all, it might be more possible with identical twins, who some think are connected in a cosmic way, than it would be with fraternal twins (who are not physically connected to each other at any time and just happened to be in the uterus at the same time).

That all said, feeling lonely and like something is missing is not exclusive to having once had a twin in utero.  Almost every human feels that way at some time in their life, and some people feel it almost all the time.  If there is something dramatic that also happened to them (such as a parent's death, or learning they were adopted, or other stuff) they will often wonder if it was because of that thing that they feel lonely or like something is missing.

If you're interested in the twinless twin notion, google the phrase.  Some of the websites look a little flaky, like these are people who have hit on this to explain their problems but if they didn't have this circumstance, they would still have the problems.  But that is where to find the information.

Good luck!  I do think the human condition is a little lonely in general.
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