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ultrasound gender help

Im currently pregnant with number 2. The ultrasound tech said girl, but said it was hard to tell for sure because the umbilical cord was by the front of the legs, the babys ankles were also crossed at the bottom. Anyways, to me this looks nothing like my first daughters girl pic. This is further apart, and dots instead of lines, and looks almost swollen, which I have read can be boy parts. I just cant shake this feeling im having a boy, and its making it hard for me to get my first daughters newborn stuff out and ready. (at least im only 22 weeks, so I have some time)  Here is the website I have the pic on if you dont mind taking a look  http***www.babiesonline.com/babies/t/tinythompson/

Thank you so much :)
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OMG this SERIOUSLY sound like my situation!  At 20 weeks, we couldn't find out because the foot and the cord was in the way...I tried again at 29 weeks, and STILL COULDN'T FIND OUT!  So I got one last U/S at 32 weeks (two weeks ago) and a GUESS it's a girl...but this happened to one of my friends and they HAD A BOY!  Told her the whole time it was a girl, until delivery!!  

So I haven't shopped for this baby, only yellows and greens until it's born :)  Good luck to you and hope you find out...It was KILLING me not knowing...I couldn't sleep...still can't really!!  
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