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ultrasound not detected twin?

I am 15 weeks pregnant , I had my first scan on wednesday where the sonographer found baby right away and measured it etc. the thing thats freaking me is when we took our picture home we noticed that right under the baby there appears to be another one! you can distinctly see beneath it a little face with eyes and a mouth on a wee head body arms and even feet. now surely the sonographer would have noticed this no matter how distracted she was (my 20mnth old was flapping about and she kept talking to her!) I took the picture to show my doctor and she said to take it to the midwife next week as she doesnt know about scans. its driving me crazy! what else could this be if its not another baby? anyone else had any experience of this?
thanks in advance for replies. xx
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I would think that 2 babies would be easy to detect, they always look for that.  but stranger things have happened!  :)
Just call your dr, say you are wondering about it, and need to visit again with the sonographer or someone else who can help.  Maybe they can have you come down for another look.
good luck!
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I would think by then she would have picked up on the two heartbeats as well. Stranger things have happened!

Good luck!
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This happened to my cousin. Shse sent me her ultrasound pics via email and I was like OMG there's another baby in there!! And you could see the face and all!! Well she thought that to but they reasured her it was NOT another baby. She really should've been able to see that. They measure the fluids, and the baby from top to bottom, they measure everything in there, they would have noticed I believe if there was a 2nd baby in there. Did you have a scan early in pregnancy, because then they should've also been able to see a 2nd baby or sac. I mean it could be possible, but like I said with my cousins I was SURE there was another baby in there lol, but there wasn't!!
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not to butt in..but i am anyway..how are you doing? i was wondering how you were feeling lately and i hadnt seen any posts.
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I can't answer your question definitely, but I do know in my ultrasound at 17.5 weeks some of the pictures had a "double image".  I assumed it was because she was bouncing around and the picture was slightly "fuzzy".  Could this be what you are seeing as well?  Her profile looks different in all of the pictures I brought home because she was moving!  Hope this helps!  Definitely ask for a 2nd opinion if you're not sure!

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You don't look dumb!! BF stands for "Big Fat" there is somewhere on here that you can look up the abbreviations (which helped me!!) I don't remember where it was...if i find it i will let you know!!!
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If you click on search site and type in "abbreviations" and then click on the "TGIF open forum and abbreviations you can find most of them in there!!
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btw, does twins run in your family??
oh, and a silly ques from a newbie...BFN and BFP...i have figured out are pregnancy tests pos. and neg.  what does the BF stand for....(hoping i dont look to dumb)
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Thanks, that will be a help to all new forum members.  :)
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she didn't measure anything on the baby but its head circumference. and didnt move the scanner thing once during the time we were there. Ill find out for sure wednesday anyway its just driving me MAD!!

luv charli xx
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alot of times even if the sonographer suspects something they are not allowed to tell you for liablility reasons (incase they are wrong).  They usually leave it up to the doctors to tell you.
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This is a very old post that I ran across.  I am a Echo tech (ultrasound of hearts) OB is not my specialty however I see mirrored images from time to time due to the way sound waves bounce off soft tissue.  Some times if it is a funny angle we can reproduce a mirror or double image that may be what we techs call "noise", in other words a ghost image that doesnt exist. Techs are not able to say our findings but I will happily point out structures to patients who ask. Again, I have had four kids and was not sure of what I was looking at when I scanned myself. What was the outcome of this? One or two babies?
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