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Should I go by the ultrasound due date or my initial ob appt date given?  I really am not sure of my first day of my period
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When was your ultrasound? Early ultrasounds are usually very accurate- within a day or two of the exact date so if you had an early ultrasound, I'd definately go by the ultrasound date- especially if you are unsure of the last day of your period.  I hope everything goes well for you.
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I'M KINDA going through some guilty doubt.....i had a one night stand on night of March 19/20 but used a condom......... Then I am pretty sure I had my period on April 0n April, 14, 2010 and my period ended the night of 18th to 19th...........That week I had sex almost everyday with my partner. ....I had a missed period (was in denial and hope my period was just late) tested for a positive pregnancy test on june 03, 2010 they sonogram showed i was 7weeks....... then had a following Appt. on june 24, 2010 and sonogram/ultrasound measured 10 weeks 3 days with a C.R.L of 3.48cm with due date of Jan 21, 2011..........Then my third son/u.s.Forr  for a transnuchal measured  me at 13 weeks with a C.R.L. of 69.3 cm with a earlier due date of jan13, 2011....One week difference. My question is,,,,,,,could i have gotten pregnant on the 19/20 even though a condom was used and the ultrasound be of. I did a due date calculater n it counts one of my period dates as part of the gestational Age of the baby........i did not have sex on my period but for sure right after with no condom at least everyday. Guilty conscience is what is killing me....can someone help me straighten my GUILTY brain?????? i feel so horrible and thats all i am consumed with....
thanks if someone out there can help....
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If you had a period inbetween then I doubt it would be the one night stands. Even if they gave an earlier due date, you still would have conceived sometime in April. The baby would be much further along otherwise.
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Thank you
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