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using mosquito repellent while pregnant Please Open Forum

I want to know if any of you ladies have any information on using mosquito repellent while pregnant, yesterday I was outside and there were a lot of mosquito so I couldn't take it anymore and started spraying the repellent all over my leg. when i got inside my house I started thinking was it save for me to put mosquito repellent while preggo. So I got online and try to find out info about using it and found that it is not good to use it because of the DEET or if you are going to use it use a small amount. Now I'm freaking out because I'm not sure if I caused any harm to the little ones, I hope thats not the case I'm such a freaking worrier....... please ladies help me!!!!!
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hey ladies does anyone out there have any info about this subject? please don't ignore this i'm really worried.
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I know that I have used it but without DEET (although it smelled terrible)  I'm sure that it'll be ok if you only used it once.
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Now I am worried I have used it a couple of times this summer with the Deet!! I didnt know that it was harmful. Does the deet absorb through the skin?
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There is a warning label on the back of the spray that will say if pregnant as your doctor, I don't know much about it but I do know that I think the doctors would say something about it during this time of year if it was really terrible. Don't worry too much just ask your doctor. Good Luck...
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I have also heard to steer clear from deet during pregnancy but I truly believe small doses of these things are probably OK.  Not that much would be absorbed.  As long as it isn't continuous exposure you should be fine.
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I have wondered the same thing, but I think those skintastic ones, for the whole family might use non-deet...  also-  years back there were a couple children who died from using bug spray (I am pretty sure I remember this-  it was a LONG TIME AGO), and it was the deet-  but I think they have re-formulated to use a safer amount of Deet in the ones containing it-  plus--  my bosses wife is an infectious disease doctor and she has 4 west nile cases right now...   she is very serious about putting spray on her two children (5 & 8)--- she says the spray is less harmful then the west nile...  I don't use it a lot (I am 20 weeks) and when I do I try to use the skintastic--  deet is not listed as an active ingredient, I also make sure my DD (2yrs) has it on at all time when outside too...  maybe you can try that-  but I have used the deet kind from time to time, only a couple times, and I don't think minimal use would be harmful....  
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avon makes one that is deet free, and if not i have always had good luck using that oily stuff they (avon) make. i can't think of the name of it, but it is supposed to be a moisturizer. they have a yellow one a pink one and a blue one(bottle) darn i wish the name came to mind, but anyways, that stuff works for me and it's cheap, safe and you get moisturized too :)

ohhh, it's Skin So Soft! lol. by Avon. i don't sell it or anything, but most people know someone who does, i think
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Yes, your skin absorbs it and goes through you bloodstream or something like that.
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I want to thank you ladies for your comments! =)
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It is a risk versus benefit situation. If you are in an area with West nile carrying moquitos, use it. There are some other tips to prevent bites such as a new dryer sheet rubbed on the skin, citronella sprays, vicks vapor rub, etc. Skin-So_Soft is another option, I cannot use that stuff, it always makes me break out into hives.

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I just wanted to let you ladies know that I am looking at the bottle and I see it the one that I have is a skintastic family and the percentage of DEET 7% I don't know if that helps, I'm not sure if there is a higher percentage or if that's the highest.
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