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vicodin during pregnancy

Hi. I am 18 week pregnant, I have been taking vicodin from time to time when I have sever pain(I have Colitis).
I was taking it more often in early pregnany, before I found out that I am pregnant, almost daily for a month.
When I found out that i am pregnant, I tried to take it less often, like once a week(sometimes the pain so sever).
My ob said it's ok to take it from time to time as need it, but I found out that it's category c in FDA list.
I am realy worried now, and wondering if any of you have taken it during pregnancy.
Thank you
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Hi, I can answer that question, I know it was an old question post, but in case anyone else needs to know. I had a cervical fusion surgery done about two weeks before I became preg., and I have nerve damage (the surgery was to help this) that I'm still recovering from, so my o.b. has had me on vicodin 4/day since my second trimester. My o.b. said that they don't really use the fda categories anymore, but instead look specifically at the test results and past history of any complications caused by vicodin. Also, any meds that have not had human testing are automatically placed on the category c list, regardless. Vicodin is safe, my o.b. said I need to taper off it during my third trimester (so the baby is not born addicted). Tapering is important to do during preg., instead of stopping cold, because withdrawal can cause your bloodpressure and heartrate to increase, as well as potentially dangerous swings in mood, and sleeping problems, caused by the serotonin decrease that happens when you suddenly stop taking vicodin. Please note, besides o.b.'s, most docs do not know what is safe during preg, and will prefer to prescribe nothing or stick to the fda categories for legal protection, if an o.b.'s opinion is not available.
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You should be fine. The doctors knowing im preg. prescribed me vicodin cough syrup. Plus half the meds I HAVE to take during pregnancy are category c. My first dd turned out  wonderfully. As long as your ob knows what you are taking it's ok. they wont let u take any thing that will seriously harm your child.
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