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waxing while pregnant

anyone please have an idea if it is safe to waxe my bikini sides while pregnant? women with PCOS usually have excess hair in the abdomen area, face...im one of them:( I am worried that the heat of the wax in the bikini and abdomen area might harm the baby. ( im 8 weeks pregnant)
anyone have an idea please advice.
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I'm pregnanct and I wax my bikini line (okay, I get soemone else to wax it-- can't see down there anymore!) but there is no problem.  My friends all waxed while they were pregnant. With my DS I went for a wax before my due date so that I would be all 'neat' for the delivery,. Ha.ha.
Supposedly the esthitician (sp?) said that on some women it becomes more sensitive (read-- painful) when you're pregnant, but I don't think it would cause any harm to the baby.
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thanks a lot for your response!! thats what i thought too, i wanna be nice and neat especially that we're in the summer time :)
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I am a esthetician, I do body waxing and facials.
As long as the person doing the procedure knows what they are doing, you'll be fine. The skin does not absorbe the wax, and to clenase the skin some simple baby oil can remove any wax residue.
The wax should not feel hot, just warm. Also you are more sensative, so it will sting a little more that normal. In Pa we have to be licensed through the state. Talk to the esthetician or cosmotologist, make sur the seem conserned and like they know what they are doing.
Hope this was a help.
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