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weird period after D&C

hi, i'd appreciate if any of you could answer my question...
on august 21.09 i had a d&c. they had to terminate what they thought a partial molar gestation of about 7 weeks.
the operation went well and i had no further complications. i spotted for about a day and that was it. i had a routine post D&C check-up U/S. the uterus was clean, except there was very little blood left inside. the doctor said it's absolutely common and that it'll either find its way out in the next few days or with the first period.
in about 2 weeks after the d&c i had my hcg checked and it was 0.2, ... eventually i got my first period after 6 weeks and 2 days following D&C. it was a bit heavier then normal, but no heavy cramping, whatsoever. lasted for 3 full days and some minor spotting on day 4... this is kind of ok for me, since ive had normal, 4-5 day periods my whole life. (my cycle is 28 days and always on time). so i thought that was it. and i could finally set a new cycle and have a closure to this nightmare. but yesterday, in about a week after my first period ended, i got a new one... nothing like spotting, i mean it looks like a regular period, with a red blood and quite heavy. my doc suggested to wait for it to end and then do another u/s. i just don't understand what it could be. and reading the forums, i can't relate to any of the stories. so if any of you had a similar experience, i'd really appreciate if you could give me a clue on what it could be.
many thanx
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i had a miscarrige last year and they did a dnc when it did not clear out naturaly.i had a normal period then about two weeks after i had another period.when i went to the dct everything was ok she said it was probably just my body trying to get bak on schedule.but you should defenitly get with your dct so you can make sure its nothin more serious.good luck
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