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who's baby is it?

I am asking this for my friend - you all know me so it is not me lol.  Anyway here goes - here are the dates and help me help her figure out who may be the father of the unborn child.

Peorid in Nov                                 Nov 4th-9th
Next Peorid                                   Dec. 3-8th  -   had sex on af on the 7th
Had sex with different man on         Dec. 17th, 18th, 19th

Baby is due either Sept 9th or Sept 11th

I told her it is the second guys baby because of the dates, i dont know i am not an expert
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I would think it's the 2nd guys.
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That is what I think according to the dates
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Here's a conception date calculator.

Looks like the "different man".

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The due date better coincides with conception with the 2nd guy, but due to variations and the close proximity of the encounters it is unlikely to be certain without a DNA test.

Good luck.
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I would say the other mans..
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I'd say the second guys too.

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