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worried about having a miscarriage

Well, I am currently a little over 7 weeks, almost 8 weeks. We had an u/s last Thurs & saw a healthy hb. My levels have been good in the beginning, I haven't had them checked in a couple of weeks. THe problem is that I am not feeling preg. anymore except from feeling tired. This is how my last preg ended in m/s. I am so worried and scared. I thought I needed to be on progesterone, but when the dr. had it checked it was 40, so he said that was very good. Anyway, am I overreacting? I have such a bad feeling that I am losing this baby also. I am not spotting or cramping just worried bc I am not having any more symptons. Last week I would get very sick almost every afternoon. THis has been like this since about Tues I haven't had any symptons. Please help. Any advice would be appreciated. I am so scared and very worried.
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hi. i don't know much about m/c. i have never had one. but i worry about problems. i don't know alot about preg. either... but my symptoms come and go depending. i just say they are 'better' days, cause i'm not sick... i went for 4-5 days straight... so my opinion is don't stress yourself about it until ou have a reason :) keep happy thoughts! i'm sure you'll do great.
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First off, I wish you the best:) Im 16 weeks now and besides my growing belly, some days I dont feel prego either. In the beginning, I was so sick until like the 12th week, then boom....much better. I think you are fine. I was worried constantly too (prev m/c) but no cramping, no spotting is the main concern. Im sure you are fine. We are not far enough to feel it every day yet!!
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I think you will be fine too.  I just think it's natural to be worried when you previously had a miscarriage. I have a girlfriend who lost a baby when she was 5 months pregnant and is now pregnant with twins.  She is worried too.  I think anyone who has been in your situation feels the same way.  Good luck!
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I had good days and bad days in the beginning and I am now 25 weeks pregnant. I am sure you are fine but if you are concerned I would call your doctor.  Good luck to you! :)
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Thanks so much. This is all what my dh said. I am going to the dr. tomorrow. They are very supportive bc I have called a lot with concerns. Anyway, I am just worried, but hopefully everything we'll be great. THanks again for your sweet thoughts
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It's very natural to worry especially after all you've been thru. Dont' borrow worry though. Some women go thru entire 9 mos w/o symptoms. Positive thinking!
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I know it's hard not to worry, but what will be will be.  My dh tells me that, we just lost another baby :(  We will be ttc in the next two weeks, and if I am lucky to get a BFP I know that what will be will.  No matter what you will be fine, think positive.  Think about the life inside you, and how lucky you are to have that.  If you focus on the positive in your life, you will find that you have very little room for the negative. I've finally learned this, and I am not so sad anymore.  I have a great dh, a wonderful family that cares about me, and I am pursuing my PhD.  I really want a baby, but I believe God has a plan for everyone.  And things happen in God's time not ours.  It took me a long time to realize that, but our prayers are answered, but sometimes not in the way we think they should.  You will be in my prayers...please do not worry, I wish you the best.  Continuous sticky baby dust to you and everyone.
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I should be between 9-10 weeks pregnant. I had previosuly gone to Planned Parenthood where an ultrasound was done Jan6, and at this time I was told I was about 6 1/2 weeks lmp. I went to my first prenatal visit with my doctor on Monday Jan 22, and at this time i should have been 9 weeks. The doctor did a pelvic exam and said I felt quite a bit bigger to her and that she expected I was actually 12-13 wks lmp. She did the doppler, but couldn't hear anything. I was scheduled for an ultrasound (both) where I was told that they didn't hear a heartbeat and that it was about the size of a 6 week fetus (lmp). So they are assuming this to mean it has stopped growing 3 weeks ago and that i will miscarry. I am still finding this hard to believe as I have had increasing pregnancy symptoms over the last 2 weeks, rather than decreasing. I feel like I just began getting morning sickness this week. My last period was Nov 18, so I cannot rationalize being less than 9wks. I have my next u/s on 2/2, I dont know whether to tell myself that there is no hope, or whether it may be really small, what is IUGR? Any thoughts?
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Faith, i do think you have m/c, if they dated you at the first ultrasound as 6 1/2 weeks and 3 weeks later they still date you at 6 weeks that isn't right, apart from anything if it were still alive you have a very abnormal baby.

I'm sorry for you, i've been through 2 m/c before, and with my first one i couldn't beleive it when they couldn't find the heartbeat, as i had a scan the week before and there was our baby moving about alive and well, but yeah it struck me so hard as it really was the last thing i expected as i had finally got m/s after thinking for so many weeks id missed out.
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