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worried about my two year old!!

hello, just to give some back ground, my son was hospialized when he was was 7 weeks with RSV and after that he stayed sick for about a year after, any cold he got turned into breathing treatments and bad ear infections. I thought he was getting better until i took him for his checkup, both of his ears are infected and they done blood work and found his anemic and his iron is really low. They want him to have a sweat test for ms again , they wanted to do one when he was a year old because he stayed sick all the time. but i didn't have it done because i always thought he looked healthy. But my question is has any one had a child to be anemic or doctors wanting to check him for ms. He doesn't look sickly to me, he weighs 27 pds at 23 months.
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I don't know, I myself have very sick kids and they have nver suggested a ms test to be done.  My 2 yr old weighs 40 lbs but he is a very big boy!  My 2nd son had 3 ear surgerys, adenoidectomy, and tonislectomy and is never healthier than ever.  He was in and out fo the hospiatl till her was 2 and a half.  Best of luck
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Oh, how scary for you.  Just wanted to wish you luck and hope for the best.  My son had pnemonia at 10 weeks and RSV a few weeks after, got it twice.  We also dealt with everything under the sun, went in every few weeks.  His ears were also infected all of the time.  Once I took him in for a check up thinking I would finally have a good visit to the Dr., he had a double ear infection that I never even noticed.  Thing is, he grew out of it and we were pretty lucky.  Our Dr. never was concerned though, just told us that some kids just have bad luck in the beginning.  I would listen to your Dr. though, he may have a reason to believe the test is necessary, if anything maybe it will rule out ms and put your mind at ease.  Hope all is well.
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it is scarry....sorry for all the worries. i think it is always better to be on the safe side..did you say sweat test. sweat test is for cystic fibrosis, and children do have lots of breathing issues.
he doesn't seem to have ms...but i think go by what your dr is recommended. good luck.
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Like you my son has RSV when under 1 yrs of age.  I do not know what your symptoms are but mine would get frequently breathing problems, I was using oral steroids several times a year, and ear infections as well.  To make a long story short, by recommendation of his pediatrician we took him to follow an ENT specialist and an Allergist.  The ENT specialist ended up giving him tubes for the ear infections and the Allergist began medications.  He is 4 years old now.  He has been followed by the Allergist for about 4 years.  He appears to have viral induced asthema.  We finally have him on a medication regimen that helps control it and are told she should out grow it within the next year or so.  They say that children that contact RSV have a greater chance of becoming asthematic.
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I would definitely listen to your doctor's advice though.
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it's so scarry when our little ones are sick.  i too would go with the test especially if it's for cystic fibrosis and you didn't do the test pregnant.

you really need to know what you are dealing with.  i'm so sorry you are going through this as a mom i know my heart breaks when my 2yr old daughter has even the smallest of sniffles.
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sorry i said ms i meant cystic fibrosis, thanks for the comments it just hard to watch your child stay sick all the time. Last night I had to take him to the er to get a bead out of his nose, It took them two hours to get that bead out. I have two girls and they never done anything like this, I guess it's the boy in him.
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