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worried could I be pregnant??

Okay so after prom on May 2nd my date and I had unprotected "sex" but I'm not sure if you would actually call it that because his penis did not go inside but it was around the outside of my vagina. I had my period on April 6th and then it came again on May 14th (at least I think it was my period). I have pregnancy symptoms such as overly oily skin, acne, bloating, constipation, no appetite. My period came again on June 16th but it was only 3 days long (normally 5) but it was very heavy and there were three clumps of grey tissue in the blood (about the size of a nickel) I have really bad anxiety so this is all I can think about. My June period could have been affected by traveling because I was on a plane 3 days before it started but I don't know if it would affect it much. (this is tmi) but in the shower I tried to feel my cervix and when I put my finger in there the walls of my vagina were so tight and dry it could barely fit. Do I sound like I'm pregnant?
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also I'm on the generic brand of the birth control pill desogyn
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Since you're on desogen,  it's highly unlikely you would get pregnant even having sex with no other protection at all.

But you didn't have sex -

Your symptoms - oily skin,  acne,  bloating,  constipation and no appetite aren't symptoms of early pregnancy.  

You might take a pregnancy test just to set your mind at ease,  but it's extremely unlikely you're pregnant.  
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but why does my stomach feel so huge for some reason?
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There could be other medical issues going on as well. Also, are you keeping hydrated now it's warmer out? You are at an age where your periods can flux a bit how they act can change. They will do that every few years for the rest of your life that you have periods.
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I haven't really been keeping hydrated, my stomach didn't look this big last week though it just popped out all of a sudden. I'm so worried I don't know what to do. I know my chances of pregnancy are very low with my situation but I can't help but feel this way how do I get my stomach flat again. I originally wore a size 3 in jeans and now I wear a double 00 and I don't know how my waist can shrink but my stomach is so big..

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