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**-Dory-** Where you on the pill?

Dory- when this happened to you, were you on the pill?  I am sorry to bother you, but it is so nice to talk to someone who has been through what I have been going through...I feel like I am going crazy...I feel weird...I can't stand not knowing what is going on in my body....thank you so much!
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Also, did you have a blood test done when this was going on and was it negative like mine?  Sorry again, I just have so many questions....
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Hi Cece,
Well, actually I had it happen twice.  The first time I got off the pill, and only had the home pee pregnancy test.  I was told it could be a while to get pregnant after going off the pill, since your body is relying on hormones.  I was told to wait till I had a period while off the pill, so that they could get a correct date.  We just lket things happen... no real trying, and no trying not to.  I went to the doctor coz I had something going on (can't remember what it was), and they did a pee test at the doc, and then I was prescribed meds for whatever it was that I had.  Well, about a week after that I went in coz I was feeling like **** and weird smells... and they did another pee test coz I was still late, and I was pregnant.  Unfortunately, with that pregnancy I miscarried.  Or more the foetus didnt grow passed 8 weeks.  Although I didnt actually miscarry it.  I had a D&C.  After the D&C, I had one cycle, then nothing for 2 months, but negative home pee tests.  Doc said once again it might take a little while for my body to get back into the real rythm of things.  So I basically just waited for another cycle, and periodicaly took a test, then after 3 months I got a positive.  Since we didnt know how far along I was since I was 3 months with no period, I had an ultrasound done.  We found that I was about 6 weeks at that time. Which meant I had gotten pregnant in the 3rd month of no period.
No blood tests were done till the positive on the 2nd pregnancy.
Are you just now coming off the pill???  How long have you been on it?  I have heard it can take up to 12 months for all the hormones to leave your system.
Let me know if you have any other questions!  Happy to answer them!
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I just got off BCP about 2 weeks ago, just in case I was pregnant and plus the doctor said to get off of them seeing that I had been on them for about 10 years...I just want to know what is going on.  When I went to the doc last week they found blood in my urine...he said that it was not a bladder infection and the exam was completely normal, so I have another exam on Tuesday to make sure all the blood is gone....and more tests...woohoo!
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So you had no period while on the BCP?
An ultrasound should be able to see what might be going on inside of you.
How are you feeling physically?
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Hey Cece and Dory,
I'm just getting back into this forum because I had my appt with the OBGYN last week and my pregnancy test was negative.  I am like you Cece, only off the pill because my period didn't come.  The doc said next time that happens to keep taking the pill because even if I were pregnant it wouldn't harm the baby.  Well, sure I'll do that next time if THERE EVER IS a next time!  I still haven't started my period, and my mother reminds me that she felt great during pregnancy and never even knew she was pregnant.  Thanks, Mom.  :)  So I guess even though the doc did a test and pelvic and says I'm not pregnant, should I still be a little bit concerned that I am?
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Also - Cece you know I was having no breast pain or ANY pregnancy symptoms other than a missed period?  Well now my nipples hurt tonight - very sore - and still no period.  I know it could also mean I'm about to start my period (which is what my husband and I REALLY want at this point) so we'll see.
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