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scared and 4 1/2 months no period and tubes tied

hi im 33 years old and I got my tubes tied  last march 2013 and i had my periods there for awhile but not i haven't had my period in 41/2 months and i taken 3 pregnancy tests and all of them say im not pregnant. when i do have a period its like for a hour or less and its very light. i get the belly that looks like im pregnant and the heart burn that goes along with it and i always seem to be hungry. i dont know if i should go to my doctors cause i feel like a fool asking for a pregnancy test and it comes back that im not i really dont know how to ask my doctor on what is wrong with me.  Can someone please help me i dont know whats going on
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Doctors and nurses should not judge you or make you feel like a fool. Your primary care provider will listen to your story and they will probably give you a pregnancy test, but they may also recommend other tests. Ultimately it is your body and you have to protect it. If you are uncomfortable with your current care provider, find a new one! You can totally "fire" them if you feel they don't respect you.
It is rare but possible to get pregnant following tubal ligation, and pregnancy tests only check for the hormone HCG, which is why you can get false negatives. Go see your primary care provider if nothing else it will hopefully put your mind at ease!
Good luck
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It could be the fact you do have your tubes tied. You can go without a period totally. But if you have that feeling you might be go to the doctor and ask it does happen and it is usually a tubal baby. So I would ask just to be safe.
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thank you so much for your info it helps me out a lot. i will have to look in to getting a new doctor or seeing if i can talk to my doctor that i have now about whats going on. im just a scared and don't know how to go about asking.
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I used to not want to tell my doctors things either, but now it doesn't seem to matter, if they judge me then they have no business being in that field.
so far I have not had any problems but have also had female doctors, until now, also your health is more important than what some doctor thinks.
Take care and hope all works out for your good health.
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