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1 1/2 weeks late period. Now spotting and thick blood clots

My last period was from Sep. 6-11. Now I am having large blood clumps with a thick mucus, occassionally through out the day and much abdominal pain. I have been off of birth control since June of this year and have had normal cycles since. I have been under a lot of stress lately and am wondering if that could be the cause. I mainly have bleeding when I go to the restroom for a bowl movement but the bleeding is not from that area. It is direcly from my vagina. I have a friend that said she had similar symptoms when she had a miscarriage. Could this be the same case or is it just from stress????

Please respond ASAP,
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it could very well be a miscarriage i had 4 of them and sounds like what your having
the clots are bog and plop out and cramps are very strong i felt very weak from losing lots of blood call your dr and ask them to do a beta test its blood work that will tell you if you have any pregnancy hormone in your system
let me know if you have any other questions , hope that helped you
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My husband has not stayed in me in order for me to get pregnant. He always pulls out with enought time before he cums. Is there a possibility that it could be anything else?

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You can still get pregnant from the pull out method! Go get a blood test done to rule out pregnancy. It sounds to me that you could be pregnant. You have to be careful if you are possible miscarrying.I am not a doc but i would go see you doc ASAP!
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I actually have a doc apt. tomorrow @ 10:30 but I wanted to see if I should go to ER. I started having the spoting on Friday afternoon and I have gradually started having more spotting and hurting more over the weekend.
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You need to be very careful about the amount of blood that you are losing.  Only you know how much blood it is...is it more than during an actual period?  They can do a blood test on you in the ER to check your blood count.  Just be careful.  Could you call your doc and request an appt. today?  Not trying to scare you, but blood loss is a serious thing.  You could become anemic and very tired--have you been feeling sluggish, or is your skin paler than normal?  (I had to have 3 transfusions b/c of bleeding after childbirth, so I'm familiar with the signs of anemia...)  Just call your DR and let them know your symptoms.
Good luck...MH
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I'm suppose to have my period right now but instead all I'm getting is spotting. I did a slight big blood clot. I don't know if this is normal.  I have been spotting for 2 days now. My period was normal last month. Is there any opinions on this matter?
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