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1day period. Implantaion bleeding or short period?

Hi. I don't know what's going on. I hope someone here had the same exp and had BFP's or it was there af.

On 5/8, i got my period on time in the morning around 8am. I thought it was gonna get heavy but it was only light. Never progressed to a heavy period like it normally does. TMI, at first it had red blood with small & few strands of clots (strands, not the circle clots). After dinner, around 6pm,i decided to change pads as it was already 3hrs, nothing was on my pad except brown strands of clots with reddish tint. I thought of wearing a liner but didn't. So, when i woke up he next day, there was nothing on my undies, when i wipe, there was the brown strands w/ reddish tint clot but it was like 2 strands or so and it lasted only til afternoon.

Before i got my "af," i had tender breasts and sore nipples 20days before my af date. I ovulated early cd14. Had only sex 2x, cd9&10. A week after ovulation, i had mild cramps, enough to make me feel weak. Then again about 7days before af, and 3days before af. My sore boobs didn't go away til 5days before af. 3days after my af, i had lower back ache until now. It comes and goes only tested 2x both bfn 3days after af. During my 2ww, i was also nauseaus, crampy, and dull back aches. Now nothing expect for the occasional lower back aches.

Anyone had same experience? What can you say about this? Oh and i had ep surgery 4months ago, right tube removed but my period are still regular just like before cd length 27-30, period lasting 4-5days. It never changed even after my surgery. So, i don't know what going on.
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