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2 Questions (I'm Probably Being Overly Paranoid Here...)

Question 1: If semen was ejaculated onto the bed and bed sheets, and somehow a woman's vagina came into contact with it, is there a chance of pregnancy here?

Question 2: If one was to ejaculate semen onto a woman's breasts, and she wiped off the semen with a baby wipe, would it still be possible in theory for some sperm to survive and make their way down the vagina and risk pregnancy?

I know I must sound crazy asking these questions, but any help would be appreciated!
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Any method apart from putting a penis, without a condom on, inside a vagina is NOT going to result an any realistic chance of pregnancy.  Semen on surfaces, including bed sheets and baby wipes, cannot make its way up the vaginal canal - sperm don't have that level of motility.  Many people try for a significant amount of time to achieve pregnancy via having unprotected intercourse before they are successful.  It's not going to happen by some astronomically impossible chance like the circumstances you mention.
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Thanks for the reply, its much appreciated. I have this horrible way of thinking; that everything will result in pregnancy, even when I know its so stupid and irrational. I can’t help it, maybe its a mental issue?
That IS a little how health anxiety works with yours just manifesting into the idea that everything leads to pregnancy.  My suggestion would be to talk to your doctor about this. Don't be embarrassed (if you are) because health anxiety is so common!  Then you can decide if you should do something about it.  A therapist is good for figuring out triggers and coping mechanisms.  I find being on top of my whole self is helpful too like getting good sleep and enough of it, avoiding bad habits, eating well and getting exercise.  Keeping a journal helps and learning to stay focused on THIS minute when anxiety is spiraling rather than looking ahead with what if's.  But talk to your doctor about anxiety if this causes you a lot of distress often.  Hang in there.
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If it is any antidote to feeling kind of foolish for asking, you're not the first person to write into this site asking a similar question. Some guys get the notion that their natural juices are so mighty that simple proximity to them makes all women in danger. To keep from being one of those guys, do get your facts, sort out your anxieties, and keep reality in mind.

As Curfew says, for a pregnancy to be possible, the semen has to be put into the vagina by direct contact or has to be deposited right into the secretions at the mouth of the vagina. (In that latter scenario, the vaginal secretions would have to be thick enough to protect the sperm from the air. It's not a common way to get pregnant.) Contact with air kills sperm. Semen can't crawl around a woman's body. Sperm is not going to survive more than maybe a few seconds on bedclothes. The chemicals in a Baby Wipe will also likely kill it.

If your "overly paranoid" question is in fact more along the lines of "What would I do if the woman I just went to bed with got pregnant?!?" the way to deal with that worry is, every single time you have a sexual encounter, use condoms. It's the responsible thing to do anyway, protecting against an unwanted pregnancy and the threat of STDs.

Good luck in the future. You didn't get her pregnant.
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