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2 Separate Body Odors! Please help, desperate!

Two separate body odors are present with me. I have already went to the Dr and she said that I have a genital e. coli infection, which is Bacterial Vaginosis. I told her that I also have an odor emitting from me and she acted as if she thought I was crazy... She did the Pap exam and told me she didn't notice any genital odors. Okay, that's good..but she didn't mention or seem to even care about my other concern, which was the main reason why I even went to the doctor in the first place! This odor is ruining my life. It affects me every single day-- when I go to work it is the worst. EVERY one notices it. People make comments about it and to me, in general--hinting...as if I don't know I smell. Um, hello! If YOU can smell it, I should be able to and I do. This has been so incredibly stressful for me and it is driving me insane. I am getting paranoid because of it and I avoid everything social that is within my control. Odd thing is, my boyfriend of many years claims he can't smell my body odor and he told me I'm acting like a hypochondriac because I'm always looking on the web for whatever it may be that is wrong with me. I work at a hospital nonetheless and when I walk around I can fill a room with my weird odor/scent. This particular odor that can fill a room is only one of my odors. I'll get to the other one later that I think is directed to the Bacterial Vaginosis). I specifically became aware that my body was producing a unique odor/scent after I started working at the hospital and I think may be due to the "clean" environment, as in void of other odors?. Not that the environment itself is causing the odor, because it is not. I notice the odor everywhere. It seems that after I get physically active the smell intensifies exponentially. I don't just mean sweat- we all know what that smells like. I wear deodorant and I even put body powder on around groin area and arm pit area, etc. to help absorb any moisture which brings me to the BV, or aka genital e. coli infection as the doctor said I had. I don't know if I have a genital or skin yeast infection, but I am really moist down t here and it soaks my panties and has a stale urine odor many times, but as often as that there is a pungent oniony smell, of which I can always remember having, but not constant. So, I'm thinking I have chronic genital bacterial infections? How would this cause an overall weird body scent, and if these odors are not related in any way then what is the other odor? I need to get blood tests, I guess? But what specific blood tests should I ask to get in order to see what is causing my body odor. I have done many hours of research on body odor culprits. Diabetes (ketoacidosis), diverticulitis, trichomoniasis, body/colon toxins, that fish odor syndrome that starts with a T, etc...but I don't think that the fish odor syndrome is what that body odor/scent smells of. I think my body odor possibly smells musky, metal-ish. It's weird. I don't know how to explain it and I'm at a loss -- especially when my doctor doesn't even believe me. I guess I should go to an appt with another doctor. I also am overweight, get shaky and weak and absent minded when I don't eat and am constantly tired all the time, even with 9+ hours of sleep. I think that is a symptom of hypoglycemia, but also was wondering if the sleepiness was also due to hypothyroid disease as my aunt just recently told me she has hypothyroid and she treats it with medicine, as it was completely inactive. Also, during my employment screen a while back the employee services nurse told me that my hemoglobin was low, as in I'm a little bit anemic she said... I know there's a lot of different ideas and info floating around in here..I don't know. I just want what's wrong and imbalanced with my body to go away and back to normal. I just want to feel normal and smell nice for once. This odor thing has been going on for the past 8+ months. Not sure if both BV thing and the complete body odor is related but it seems like maybe the other odor not related to the BV is emitted through my pores. Not sure of that but it's just a thought. Another thing, I have kitties and I was wondering if maybe toxiplasmosis could be a culprit in this body odor of mine. Well, If anyone at all has any input on this, please help. I want my life back. I'm at a loss. Main concern of mine is the culprit of the smells. Thanks.
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As you said it could be several different things or factors combined.  Sometimes it can even be your diet contributing to your vaginal scent and your hormone levels, have you made any changes in the last 6-8 months that would have an impact?  and have you confirmed that you do not have any STD that would cause this?
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Hey, thanks for commenting!

I was checked at the doctor for Chlamydia and Ghonnorrhea--both negative. There was no reason to have that, but the Dr. tested anyway, which was good. But, I had a urinalysis along with my pap exam and culture, but all the doctor said was that my vaginal lining, as in texture, was uneven, but other than that my pap was normal. She still wants me to see my OBGYN, which I fully plan on ASAP. I was just wondering if there's anyone else who has had this "phenomenon"... happen...such as a bacterial infection plus, maybe a severe, advanced yeast infection to cause such a unique, odd scent. Like, I said- it can fill up a whole room and the Dr. I went to said she didn't smell anything, but I noticed she rubbed her nose and reacted in ways that I am familiar with every day with other people whom I work with and around. So very frustrating. I just wish a damn doctor would not ignore my initial reason I come to them. She reacted as if I was insane when I told her and it was not easy to tell her because of the taboo BO topic.

Anyway, as of any STD that I may or may not have-- they've at least ruled out G + C. To me, there's no reason I would have one as I've been in a single monogamous relationship my entire adult life. ..Anyway, I've been making appt.s so only time will tell, but I still would like to know if anyone else is going or has gone through this before and how they treated it and kept this from recurring.

Thanks :\
Any update?  I have the same problem and dr just thinks I'm crazy..... won't even return my phone call anymore.  I smell 10 mins after taking a shower.  People at work laugh at me all day long.  They smell me before I even get close by - fills a room.   Tried to get a medical leave until I can get a dr to find out what is wrong.  No luck.
Any updates for you? I've been suffering since about July...though my lab results are now clear of BV and yeast, the smell hasn't gone away since the beginning. The doctors at my PCP have been acting like it's all in my head, but the most recent doc I saw said she can smell the odor...but since my results are clear, she brushed my concerns off. I wish doctors had to experience trying to hold down a job and maintain sanity while smelling like this. I'm sure there'd be a solution by now.
There was a segment on a medical show, medical mysteries or something of that sort, I didn't see the entire show but it was two women with this issue and the medical team found their problem. I have tried with fail to locate that segment and obtain the answer. Don't give up!!! There is HOPE IN JESUS! Please respond. Trying to communicate with others to bond and find our ANSWER! As individuals doctors will continue to ignore our plea!!!
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Definitely keep us posted on any updates it will be interesting to hear the cause.
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I'm curious. Did you find any answers? I'm going through the same thing.
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Im 17 and going through the same thing need help asap ..school is hell
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I have had the same problem for years. I am iron deficient also as im vegetarian. The smell fills my office and people dont like coming in (and no, its not due to my personality), but when I see doctor's they say they cant detect it. When I go for dancing lessons straight after work, everyone stands as far from me as possible, but they themselves stand close to each other (I dont know them, so again, it cant be about my personality). Ive been tested for vaginal infection but it was negative and I have no other signs. And obviously I have OCD regarding hygiene!
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