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2 day period??

My period only lasted 2 days, when it normally lasts 4 or 5. Plus at the beginning of my period I had this weird brown discharge and I'm really worried. I'm happy my period is short but with my stomach cramps being worse than normal and the brown discharge, I don't know whether to see a doctor :/ and how would I even find a doctor? I'm only in high school
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Thanks, I guess I'm just nervous to tell my mom because she will think I'm sexually active, which I'm not. I am a virgin. I just don't know how to bring it up to her.
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I completely understand. My mother was difficult to talk to about personal things. I don't know how your mother will react to your issue but if you need to see a doctor then you NEED to see a doctor. You could set up the appointment on your own but the financial responsibility lies on the parent. There are free clinics in most cities. Have you thought about going to the Health Dept? They are usually helpful and very understanding with young women needing medical care. Let me know how things are going with you. I don't think it is anything too serious, but you should get it taken care of. You will feel much better afterward.
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